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Top 10 Quotes: Taking on Teddy Bridgewater


The Washington Football Team is looking for a win before the bye week as it travels to play the Denver Broncos. Here are some of the top quotes from the week, presented by GEICO.

Taylor Heinicke on the mindset of maintaining the starting QB job:
"You go back two weeks ago against the Saints and the Chiefs. I had a different mindset to where I didn't want to lose the job and that resulted in bad play in my opinion. I think when I go out there and just have fun and have nothing to lose, that's when I feel like I'm at my best. Green Bay was easy for me to go up there and play like that. I was a dream come true. I felt like a little kid out there just playing in the stadium I've always wanted to play in. I feel like I had a good game, just a couple things here and there that just didn't work out. So I feel like the mindset of playing like you have nothing to lose is when I play my best."

Scott Turner on Chase Roullier's mental preparations pre snap:
"All the time. He's always making the points and the protection. The quarterback will sometimes communicate with him on that, but he does a great job of getting to the line and communicating to the rest of the line as far as where the block it and unit is going. And then the backs and tight ends get the communication from him. But he really kind of starts that conversation there times, because the quarterback's a little bit further back when he might overrule him or make another decision. But you know, Chase is sharp, [Offensive Line] Coach Matsko and [Assistant Offensive Line Coach] Travelle [Wharton], they do a great job with him on that. I mean, they harp on him. That's one of the main jobs of a center in this offense is to be able to do that, you know, handle the mental, and then obviously execute all the physical too. But I mean every play you see evidence of what Chase does."

Jack Del Rio on Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos offense:  
"Yeah. Teddy's a veteran quarterback knows what to do with it. They've got a lot of really good skill people that he's working with. [Offensive Line Coach] Mike Munchak does a great job with the o-line. I've coached against Mike, known him as a player and a coach for a number of years in this league. They've got some skill guys. I think their backs are both really talented. I think they've got a good group, so we've got to go out and play well."

Ron Rivera on the importance of Sunday's game:  
"They're all important, first and foremost. But again, going into the bye, you want to build that momentum. It's an opportunity to do that is what it really is to create some momentum as we go forward. That's why it's important."

Sam Mills III on the growth of the defensive line:
"Oh they're still growing. It's been interesting, especially with having Matt [Ioannidis] back, it's kind of a reshuffling of the deck and also not having [Eagles Defensive End Ryan] Kerrigan here. So, you know, they kind of had to re-establish the roles and just find their group together. But they've been growing together. Well, we still have a lot of room for growth, if you look at a guy like Chase [Young], this is Chase's second year and people acknowledge him on the field with chippers or double guys. So, he's got to get used to that new role, which is different than when you're just a rookie and you're trying to learn the NFL. Well, now you've got to learn the NFL as an elite rusher. So just a bunch of things kind of mixed in one bowl. And I think the guys are doing a good job and growing together, and we've got a lot more room for growth and I'm excited about it."

Taylor Heinicke on if he feels added pressure being in his current position:
"I don't know if there's doubt. I think it's just trying to be perfect. Like I said before, try to be on top of every single read and make the perfect throw and I'm trying to stay in the pocket and get those guys. It's just more of go out and play your ball. I was trying to be someone I wasn't. So yeah, that's something I'm working on and hopefully, you know, Green Bay rolls on over to Denver."

The Washington Football Team concludes a week of practice in preparation for a Halloween matchup with the Denver Broncos in Week 8. (Photos by Emilee Fails and Karlee Sell/Washington Football Team)

Scott Turner on Antonio Gibson and his fumbles:
"Ball security is obviously very important. The unfortunate thing in this league, when you put the ball on the ground, it's like you put a target on your chest and defenders know that. They even, they always try to knock it out, but it's even more so once things like that start to happen. It's just the discipline of consistent, quality ball security. There's a lot of things we talk about as far as what that looks like, The points of pressure and the vertical ball and tight to your chest and you cannot relax on those things because obviously you see what happened and it's something that, it's obviously not acceptable and he's working on it. He's got it. He's got to improve that. We can't put the ball on the ground because possessions are valuable and opportunity to score points are valuable. We can't give them away."

Sam Mills III on Chase Young's progress:
"So the game is faster here. The quarterbacks get rid of the ball quicker, the offensive linemen getting their sets quicker right? So, Chase, yes, had to get out of the stutter step. He's doing a great job right now, bigger steps running towards the quarterback. The other thing Chase has done tremendously has been communication with us, tackle communication with Montez. On the other side of seeing what sets we're getting, seeing what's coming, I call it playing ahead of the curve. He's been doing a great job with that and that's part of his growth to the next level. And that's what premier rushers do."

Ron Rivera on if the team has progressed in handling adversity:  
"I think we obviously struggled early on, trying to understand and get certain concepts across to them. Part of it again is the maturity of how to handle those things. Unfortunately, it's been a learning process for us. I think if you look at some of the things that have happened, being able to handle some adversity that we've had, I think we've kind of struggled with that. But I do think, again, based on the last couple of weeks, we've taken some steps I think in the right direction. We're not where we want to be, obviously, but we're going to continue to work towards it. We want to win and that's the bottom line."  

Jack Del Rio on being more consistent on defense:
"That's what we do. That's our job to work towards it, you know? When it all comes together and you do it for 60 minutes, you get a complete effort and that's what we're looking for. We've done it in spurts. We've done it really well in spurts, and we need to do it for the full 60."

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