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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Cowboys Practice Week


With the team's practice prep for the Cowboys complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10. "It's big, any time you face a divisional opponent at home, especially in the NFC East, no matter what their record is and no matter what they've been doing recently, they're going to be a -- it's a big time challenge. They're going to come with everything, everything's up in the air right now so you know you've got to come with your A game and get this W."

  • Mason Foster, on Dallas Week

9. "Hit them in the mouth, get the O-line going backwards, win the line of scrimmage, and I feel like it's gonna show itself. That's how we're thinking about it as far as how we're gonna get out there, make sure our D-line is working the O-line and win the line of scrimmage. Everything else will handle itself."

  • Tim Settle, on stopping the run

8. "Oh you've just gotta have a plan. As a safety you've gotta have a plan when you going to attack anybody, especially with a guy like him. You've gotta know if you wanna hit him high to get the ball or hit him low to chop him down, but whatever you've gotta do you've gotta wrap with Ezekiel Elliot. He's not a guy you can just go down and dive at his ankles. Even if you hit him, you know you've gotta wrap him."

  • D.J. Swearinger Sr., on bringing down Ezekiel Elliot

7. "Yeah, he's a good test for anybody. Especially our guy, being he's so crafty, he really is man. He's a little magician, what he's able to do out on the field. He's been getting better every year, sideline he really has been. This year he's really got some stuff to him, looking forward to the matchup, really am man. I know what he's capable of, and he's going to show that this Sunday."

  • Josh Norman, on Cole Beasley

6. "Everybody feels good during Dallas Week. It's rivalry week so it's fun. We know what we're up against for us, it's our first division game too and they just had a big win as well as we did. So, I'm sure that the crowd is going to be back and it's a 4:30 p.m. game too so pretty much everybody is watching. So, these are kind of the moments you look forward to as a Redskin."

  • Chris Thompson, on Dallas Week

5. "It's extremely important. I think it's been a minute since I've had back to back wins. It's very important for this team, for the confidence of this team."

  • Trent Williams, on the importance of getting back-to-back wins

4. "Definitely man. Obviously the rivalry goes past before I was even born. But, just the history of the game, this means a lot for everybody in this building above us, more than the players and things like that. We just got to come out and pay attention to details, we can't get ahead of ourselves. We got to do the small things correct, so we can get big results."

  • Morgan Moses, on Dallas Week

3. "Yeah, makes a lot of difference, especially when you're last in the league in run defense statistically. I know the last few games really put us over the top. We weren't that bad for the first handful of games, but when you have a weakness, you have to address it. Daron Payne was what we thought was the best run-stopper and Vita Vea (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) in the draft and we're lucky to get him. Obviously, paid huge consideration for adding a player of that caliber, now if it was just an ordinary guy, we wouldn't have taken him in the first round. But we felt like he could be a dynamic, not only run player but also help us in the pass rush."

  • Jay Gruden, on drafting Daron Payne

2. "Each and every year that player goes through the National Football League, they either lead the team or they just sit there and just watch idly. I think he's one of those persons that wants to make sure that everything is right on the back end and the front end and he's starting to be in that position to start leading our defense, which I'm looking forward to."

  • Greg Manusky, on defensive end Jonathan Allen becoming a leader

1. "You said it, every game is huge, division games are even bigger – they almost count for double. But, anytime you have a storied rivalry like this that goes back that long, there is obviously a lot on the line. A lot of history there on both sides, for us, we've got them at home, we've got them here, a chance to get them in our place and take advantage. Certainly, thinking back to this last Sunday and what that looked like in the fourth quarter, FedExField was pretty sweet. It was rocking and we certainly hope to carry that over to this next week. But, we've got to go out and prove it. There is nothing we can really say or talk about, we've just got to go out and do it."

  • Alex Smith, on the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry