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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Eagles Practice Week


With the team's game week with the Cowboys complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "Zach's [Ertz] a different animal. I think he's the fourth or fifth highest targeted player in the league and he's going to get his opportunities. So when you're in man, you have to have somebody that can match him up. Big target that has a big catch radius, can run all the routes from all the different positions, it'll be a great challenge to go along with Alshon Jeffery on the outside and [Nelson] Agholor on the inside and a lot of good weapons for them."

  • Jay Gruden, on defending Philadelphia's weapons

9. "He's still making a lot of plays. Maybe it's not as magical as it used to be, but I would never underestimate a player like that. I've played against him a couple years in a row now and he's done some crazy stuff every single time I've played him. No matter what the record is, what the score is he's a big time player. So, you gotta treat him as such. You can't be lackadaisical because he's not having the year he had last year or the year before. He's still a big time player and they're winning games."

  • Mason Foster, on Carson Wentz

8. "Those couple days off, coach gave us a lot of time to rest and stuff like that to get our bodies back right. Even at practices, work smart and hard but not overdoing it. So we're doing a good job of getting guys back healthy again. Getting some familiar faces, some big time players back now after those couple days off. That's fantastic for us."

  • Kapri Bibbs, on having some time off

7. "Couldn't sleep, I'm still having a little trouble right now sleeping. Hard to laugh, it hurts to cough, sneeze, everything like that is all painful. And you know when I broke, it's on my right side was like up front and that affects like your mobility big time too so that was really why I needed to sit out and miss some games, opposed to the left side that I did."

  • Chris Thompson, on dealing with broken ribs

6. "I feel like we have to get back to our roots. Be more consistent and do the little things. We kind of got away from the little things, so that's something we're definitely trying to focus on this week in practice."

  • Jonathan Allen, on getting back on track

Check out photos of the Washington Redskins during their 2018 regular season Week 12 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

5. "Just the pain, it's been painful. I can't really explain it much, just the pain. Now the pain's a little more tolerable, but last week and all those previous weeks it was just too painful to go out there and compete at a high level, to go out there and run and cut."

  • Jamison Crowder, on dealing with his injury

4. "Teams are going to scheme you up and come with different stuff. Find ways to bring an extra blocker into the box, things like that. It's forcing us to crack replace, bring DBs and secondary guys into the box. We're getting it corrected this week. It's the way that teams are going to attack us, bringing in a big receiver to come crack block or lead block on a linebacker. It's a part of football, you just adjust. Keep it rolling man, they hit us for a couple big plays and it costs us the game. We know we can be better and we're going to be better."

  • Mason Foster, on struggling against the run

3. "Colt is, he's a tremendous player, he's a tremendous person. He's been in this offense for quite some time now, he's very familiar with it. To him, it's just going out and making plays, becoming more familiar with the guys he'll be out there with. The Jordan Reed's, Maurice Harris and Jamison Crowder's. It's just timing, getting the timing down. I feel like he's doing a great job this week and I look forward to seeing him play."

  • Vernon Davis, on Colt McCoy

2. "It's all mental man, coming into a Thursday night game it's all mental. I mean it's all about focus and locked in and I definitely wasn't locked in last week but I'm glad I got that behind me and I had some good leftover Thanksgiving so that's behind me man and I'm ready to move forward."

  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on his mistakes last game

1. "I think last year their strength was their defense, and the defense played phenomenal and they didn't have many injuries, I think they were relatively healthy when it comes to the defensive side of the ball. Obviously they lost some key players on offense but any time you've got a good defense and you can create turnovers they can get you the ball back in good field position and allow you to possess the ball I think you have a chance to win any game and I think that's what they did."

  • Trent Williams, on the Eagles winning with a backup quarterback