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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Falcons Practice Week


With the team's practice prep for the Falcons complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "I've been very impressed, without a doubt. Bounced back after the fumble and you know you just got to keep feeding a guy like that. You don't want to become to one-dimensional you try go to try to mix in some play passes here and there. We got to do a better job of that on first and second down, but to be able to rely on a guy like that in that situation is critical for the success of this football team."

  • Jay Gruden, on how impressed he is with Adrian Peterson

9. "Yeah D.J.'s playing good this year. It's good to have him playing like that. Especially glad to have everybody back. Last year around this time, we didn't have nobody on our team. We had to go sign people around this time last year. And it put a lot more stress on us, and then a lot of rookies had to play. And Montae wasn't here last year, just a totally different defense last year. This year, now you can't, Josh is healthy. It's like, hey you want to throw to Josh or you want to throw to D.J.'s side. Like, who's side do you want to do. And D.J. is going make him pay every time they throw it to his side, that's what he's going to do."

  • Zach Brown, on the defense being healthy

8. "Yeah, look upfront. Pretty simple. Sticky on the outside, we got guys who can rush. Got guys that are playing patty cake and playing around. These guys actually know what they're doing. They get to the football, I said that from day one, day one. I knew it was going to take time, but finally, once you start getting over that hump, start getting over that hill. We just riding our tricycle down it."

  • Josh Norman, on the defense

7. "It's tough to put into words anything like that. I think to one player, certainly he's a guy that's been our bell cow back there, bringing a lot of physicality, a lot of energy and a guy I think we are asking a lot of and we're moving around and I think he's enjoying that. You've seen him get a chance and an opportunity to do things he hasn't always had the chance to do in his past, some of the gun-run stuff, some of the catching out the backfield and to see the playmaking all over the field has been fun. He's a guy that we feed off of, I know the mindset and attitude that he brings certainly fits with what we want to be about up front and our style of play."

  • Alex Smith, on what Adrian Peterson means to the offense

6. "It's always good to get a chance to go up against Atlanta. I grew watching them. My favorite team growing up, I used to always want to play with the Falcons, dream come true. Play for them as a kid, getting older now I'm on the business side and I get a chance to play against them. Everybody from back home text me talking about, 'Hey man, I'm always cheering for you but now you know it's rise up.' I said, you know what, I just kind of [inaudible] them wrong. We got to go out there, me to go out there and get a win against them. I can go back home and talk so much trash when I go home and visit family. Go through my old neighborhoods and just see people a lot of people. I can talk trash and have some bragging rights."

  • Preston Smith, on playing against his hometown team

5. "I was lit. I really didn't see the news. He text me and was like, 'Coming to you bro.' I was like, 'bet.' I thought he was talking about like, coming to get me as picks. Because we always compete every week about picks, talk about picks. So I thought he was coming to get me pick wise. Then I see the text from my homeboy he was like, 'Ya'll got Ha Ha.' I was like, oh that's what he's talking about. Then I text him back, Oh okay, bet. It's over with.' It's over with."

  • D.J. Swearinger Sr., on his reaction to the team trading for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

4. "I think guys are just working hard. Really, everybody's just healthy. That's probably the main thing, really. I felt it last year and it kind of got derailed by injuries and little things here and there. But for the most part, guys are locked in and know what we got to do. Manusky gives us a great scheme each week and we just go out there and play hard. That's the biggest thing, Guys practice hard, play hard and it shows on Sundays."

  • Mason Foster, on the team's success

3. "I planned on having a costume. I'm more of a procrastinator, so it didn't really work out. So, I'm going to be in regular street clothes. Surprisingly, this was going to be my first year ever, like, dressing up for Halloween. I've never done it, never really had a desire to. It was more of me doing it for fun this time around, cause I was going to wear it here, to the facility."

  • Chris Thompson, on having a Halloween costume

2. "They've all been there, Matt Ryan as well. All those guys, they are phenomenal. A phenomenal opponent to face, big-time game in every aspect, way. What those guys can do over there, they've got three of them now. Sanu, the new kid from Alabama and Julio, I mean that goes without saying. They want to get the ball, seriously. They want to go deep and they want to go deep often. So, we have to be very much so keying in on our targets. Execution has to be at an all-time high, yes I know we've played guys before but this one right here, we know how these guys get down so...playing against Julio is always a special match."

  • Josh Norman, on the Falcons offense

1. "Every time I came here, I've felt like I was at home. From the crowd, from the stands, from the fans, even to the band – I love the band. Their locker room was right across the hall from ours every time we played here for away games and I always stuck my head in and told them thank you and how much I appreciated them. So, just coming back here now and being a part of it really means a lot to me."

  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on being traded to the Redskins