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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Giants Practice Week


With the team's practice week for the Giants complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "I don't know how many times we had chances to really run the ball. You know we had backed up one time on our own one-foot line, we tried to run and almost got a safety. Got a second down I think we ran it and then on third down we ran a keeper. I think they had great ball-control for the most part so we didn't get a lot of opportunities really. 'Hey let's run two tight ends or three tight ends and pound the ball right up the middle and then our guards go down and really didn't have a plan for all that but we should have run the ball more, I guess."

  • Jay Gruden, on Adrian Peterson's lack of carries

9. "Guys keep playing through it. You know, Colt's a great guy, great quarterback man. He was poised, he was working hard even when he wasn't, when Alex was healthy. But it hurts man to see your friend your brother go down like that and then my hat's off to Mark Sanchez coming in there and playing on a short week. He's only been here for a little bit of time, so we've got to rally behind him and keep it rolling. We've got to get off the field and give them more opportunities because you know they're having like 80-yard drives and stuff like that, that's too long to be on the field against the weapons they have over there so we've got to take advantage of our opportunities and get them off the field."

  • Mason Foster, on the effect of injuries on morale

8. "My cause was Keep Letting Them Believe, it's my nonprofit foundation out of Chicago. Mainly I did that dealing with inner city violence, gangs, justice problems that we have out there, you know talking about cop violence, black-on-black violence. And I just wanted to bring that to light, coming out of my city because there's a lot of people that's from where I'm from and don't get an opportunity to be where I am right now, not because they're bad people, sometimes you get caught up in the wrong situation, wrong place at the wrong time and I think that city just needs a little bit more light shedded on it and I'ma do my best in my lifetime to help bring that light there and hopefully everybody else can rally with me and help bring awareness to this violence that's going on inside my city and fix that."

  • Kapri Bibbs, on his My Cause My Cleats

7. "We all run our routes differently and things like that. We actually had a play in practice today where I kind of just let him know what I plan on doing if we get certain looks from the Giants defense, things like that. That's where our communication has to be pretty much throughout the week. He just has to kind of get a good feel for us, mentally as well. I think that's a big part of it too. As far as him coming in and meshing with the guys, I talked about it earlier, I don't know, he came in with an attitude like he knew everybody right away. He just came in happy, hype, talking to everybody. Like joking, clowning. That type of attitude, I know he's a guy that wants to win but coming in with that type of attitude, it makes us feel more comfortable with him as well. I'm excited to work with him going on through the rest of this year."

  • Chris Thompson, on working with Mark Sanchez

6. "The cadence is the biggest thing right now, I'm about to go crazy. We had a couple false starts out here today and we have to get that cleared up. You've gotta really be consistent with your cadence, you've gotta be able to change it up, because you give Olivier Vernon and these defensive linemen for the Giants, hey it's on one every time, they will kill our tackle no matter how good they are, they'll get the jump. They have to change the cadence up, that's been the biggest issue right now and we're working through that, the more reps we get the more we'll get ready by Sunday, but other than that I think receivers gotta run their routes and trust the ball's going to be there on time."

  • Jay Gruden, on getting Sanchez up to speed

5. "I'm just trying to give him confidence that I can win for him. Wherever he throws the ball I'm going to try and make that catch, I'm not going to tell him the ball needs to be right here. He's got a ton on his plate so I'm just going to go out there and do the best I can do."

  • Jordan Reed, on working with Sanchez

4. "Teams are just really going to attack you, you know what i mean? They find a way to get at us and until we put the fire out you know what i mean, you open a can of worms. I think any time you see games like this, it's a common theme. They're attacking us a certain way, we've got to put it out or they're going to keep doing it until you find a way to stop it. That's pretty much what we've been going through."

  • Mason Foster, on the defensive drop off

3. "Yeah, I think it just comes down to better angles and trying to hone that guy in. Playing good running backs, we've got to make sure that we hone them in and we've got to get them down to ground. That's the biggest thing, coming to balance when you're about to take a shot."

  • Greg Manusky, on tackling better

2. "Passing Jim Brown, man, that's something that I definitely...I'd probably say my first time I really sat back just like 'Wow, that's big.' Separating myself from Barry Sanders, from the most 50+ TDs put a big smile on my face as well. It's something know Barry's a guy I look up to still and looked up to growing up. I admired the way he played the game, his whole approach, his vision, how he handled himself as well. He's been a huge idol, inspiration for me. So yeah, I have had time to kind of sit back and let it soak in and enjoy the moment"

  • Adrian Peterson, on passing Jim Brown

1. "Because we're a great team, you know what I mean? We've still got pieces here to get the job done. We have an abundant amount of talent right here when you're talking about playmaking ability, guys that can take it the distance. Chris Thompson, Jamison Crowder, Josh Doctson is a highlight player ready to happen. We've just got to figure out and get these pieces together."

  • Kapri Bibbs, on avoiding negative thoughts