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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Packers Practice Week

Geico Top 10 Quotes Week 2

With the team's practice prep for the Packers complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

"You get to kind of go out there and just play instinctive football a little more than center can be sometimes. Center can be a little more of a mind game obviously because you're thinking about a lot more. So it is kind of nice to just go up there and you know just be instinctive like I said. But I obviously love both positions and I'm excited to play guard."

  • Chase Roullier, on playing left guard this week

"It is a challenge anytime we have anybody that has to move positions, or any guys that's new to the lineup, it's definitely a little learning curve to get them caught up to speed on how we do things. But with Tony being a veteran, and knowing the offense inside and out, Chase kicking over to guard, those are two of the smarter guys in the offensive line room, so I think they'll be okay."

  • Trent Williams, on the offensive line changes

"You've just got to be sound fundamentally secure in what you're doing and be ready for anything with Mr. [Aaron] Rodgers. He makes a lot of things ordinary look extraordinary and they do have some wrinkles, especially special teams, defense, and obviously they will have something for us I'm sure. You've just got to play the game, execute, and try to get after them."

  • Jay Gruden, on defending Aaron Rodgers

Check out these photos of the Redskins' preparing for their Week 3 game against the Green Bay Packers Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.

"Yeah I just think that we didn't start strong, you know Jay's been emphasizing it this offseason we gotta start faster, we gotta start strong, we gotta start. I think that we didn't start very strong, we definitely didn't start as well as we did in Arizona. It hurt us and we wasn't able to catch up. I think they were able to hold whatever momentum that they did have, they were able to hold it and carry it out through the game, they made more plays than us."

  • Paul Richardson Jr., on starting fast

"I mean, it's always frustrating. But I mean, football is just a frustrating sport in general if you don't know how to handle it. SO you just gotta rush like the quarterback is holding the ball every play and just be consistent with your rushes as a defensive lineman."

  • Jonathan Allen, on Aaron Rodgers' quick release

"As long as we win the game that's the most important thing from my standpoint. Win, lose or draw, if we give up, I don't want to give up 400 yards, but I'm saying if we win the game, that's what I want – for us, for the whole team."

  • Greg Manusky, on giving up the fewest passing yards in the league

"You just have to bounce back. That's how this league is, you can't get too high, you can't get too low. Because there's always another game. It's a long season and if you get too high or too low man, it's gonna burn you out. So, you gotta stay even keel, taking coaching, get better each and every day and bounce back. This is a good opportunity for us to bounce back and show what we're really made of after a disappointing loss at home."

  • Mason Foster, on how the team can respond in Week 3

"It's an extreme difference. You never want to go in the bye week with a loss, you got to sit on an L for two weeks. You wanna go in, put all your marbles into this week for sure. Cause you wanna have a good bye week, you wanna have some confidence coming out of the bye week cause we got Drew Brees right after that. So it doesn't get any easier from here. So, we gotta put all our eggs in the basket and see where they lay."

  • D.J. Swearinger Sr., on entering the bye week

"He's a special player, fun to watch. I think as quarterbacks we always watch one another, analyze one another. Certainly, he's a unique guy the way he plays quarterback. I know he's fun to watch from a peer's perspective."

  • Alex Smith, on Aaron Rodgers

"I don't think anybody jumped to any conclusions after a Week 1 victory at Arizona. We were happy about it, getting our first win, but we know it's a long season and a lot is going to happen. There's going to be a lot of different types of adversity that we are going to hit throughout the year; injuries, wins and losses, and we've got to handle it better."

  • Jay Gruden, on diagnosing where the team is after two weeks