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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Panthers Practice Week


With the team's practice prep for the Panthers complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "Obviously it's our job to protect him up front and we got to a better job with just staying on our calls and being on one accord as on offense. It takes everybody, it takes the receivers to run the routes right, it takes the quarterback to get us in the right call, it takes the offensive line to block. So, we got to do better at communicating out there and obviously there was some miscommunications out there on Monday and it showed. So we got to go out there and make sure, whether it's we dumb it down a little or keep it simple, we just got to be on the same page, though."

  • Morgan Moses, on protecting Alex Smith

9. "You got out and play, go out to practice the next day. You don't let it beat you for two weeks in a row, but you keep it in the back of your mind and it gives you a level of knowing what not to do. Whatever we did last week, we just got to harp on it, be better on it this week. Just be positive on everything that we do, get ready to put together a complete game. We put together a complete game, this game goes out the window. So that's what we got to do this week to get everything rolling back in the right speed before Dallas."

  • D.J. Swearinger Sr., on how to get over a tough loss

8. "All the time. Every game, you know, like I said, win or lose. Guys are going to call you out, guys are going to tell you that you're not playing the way you should play, you're not playing at the level that we need you to play at. You got to be able to take it, we're all brothers. We want to do it for each other, we're a team. We know that wasn't the way that we want to play football on Monday night. So, we got to come out and correct it and you can correct it with a big game on Sunday. I think guys are focused on that."

  • Mason Foster, on holding each other accountable

7. "I don't know but we've got to find a way. As long as I've been here that's kind of been us, other than the playoff year. We go in, win a game everybody says we have no chance of winning and then another, next game it's kind of like we just wet the bed and it's kind of like we just need to find a way to be consistent. I mean, the games we've won we can see how good we can be when we're out there executing and doing things the right way. We've just got to find a way to do that every single week because that's what the great teams do."

  • Chris Thompson, on being inconsistent

6. "As a unit we did not do our best, we did not as a unit. That's what I reflected on. But you know what? Guess what when the sun came up and I got another opportunity and I was so excited because we get to go against the Carolina Panthers, that's something that really excited me. I got up that morning, I came in, took a shower, came here, re-saw everything. Got a little stretch and stuff like that, got worked on the hammy, then went home. I chopped some wood, cleaned off my property a little bit, and then I started looking at tape and I started getting excited."

  • Josh Norman, on moving forward after a loss

5. "We're on the plane, usually after a game like that you can't sleep anyways so we're on the plane, they put the film on your iPad and you just go over it. You got questions about what someone was thinking on this or thinking about that then you go talk to them right then and there, that's the best way to handle it. You've got to be able to hold each other accountable, talk to people straight up face to face and get it sorted out then and there because there's no such thing as "I thought" or "I didn't get this" you know what I mean. We don't want to point no fingers at each other, we just want to hold each other accountable and get better."

  • Mason Foster, on fixing problems immediately

4. "Well it starts in the film room, film study, and then we go out and practice for a reason. Give them different looks, as many different looks as we can, and communicate and it carries over on the field. There's only so much we can do. There's only so many looks we can give them. We're always going to see something new. The Saints gave us a few different formations with [Mark] Ingram and [Alvin] Kamara in at the same time, a couple different things. But nothing that should've been that confusing."

  • Jay Gruden, on solving coverage issues

3. "You can but you've got to have a one game winning streak every week. That's what I'm trying to get to. You can't look past it, you can't worry about the streak, you have to worry about Sunday. If you don't, you'll get embarrassed and it don't matter who's lining up across from you, now everybody's talented, there's talent everywhere in the NFL there's not cream of the crop, the Browns can look like the Patriots any given day and vice versa. So that's just how the NFL is."

  • Trent Williams, on taking it week by week

2. "I don't ever feel pressure. I think that messes your head up bruh, I was just telling Doctson you know he's had his battles here with injuries and I've had mine in the past I had surgery our Superbowl season in Seattle. It's like 'We don't ask to be hurt, so it's like we gotta deal with hearing everybody's opinion and feeling like everybody's opinion and feeling like everybody feels like we get hurt on purpose and that's a lot to deal with, especially when battle with injuries. Especially guys that were labeled injury-prone, man we've got to get our bodies right, it's hard this game's hard. I don't think it's no pressure, I think it's more so we've gotta stay focused on the recovery aspect, because all the stuff that comes with it, all the negative attention, you can't let that weigh you down."

  • Paul Richardson Jr., on feeling pressure to play

1. "I mean, for one: They're both two of the smartest players in the NFL when it comes to football IQ. They're both two of the most physically gifted linebackers in the NFL, and then you surround them with a front that protects them, you know in a great defensive scheme, they're going to flourish. And I mean they will flourish without it, so with it they're 10 times better. You know, a lot of those guys get a lot of credit, but in my opinion Thomas Davis is the guy that makes it go, obviously Luke Kuechly is the guy with the most potential and he's the player that everybody is ultra-familiar with, but when you break down the film, the stuff that they ask Thomas Davis to do, and the way he does it at a high level I think is special. He's a special player, you know, and you throw 54 in the mix and he's so athletic that he can kick out and cover the slot, and re-route small slot guys, and he can run with the best of them, they have the perfect blend. If you had your own genie you probably wouldn't wish for a better linebacker combo."

  • Trent Williams, on why the Panthers linebackers are so good