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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Saints Practice Week


With the team taking some time off with an early bye, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "I don't remember yesterday hardly, so no I don't remember. It is early. It's just the schedule-makers. We have to deal with it. It came at a good time for some guys and probably not a good time for other guys. That's probably the way it would be Week 8, 7 or 6 if we had it."

  • Head coach Jay Gruden, on if he remembers the last time in his career he had such an early bye week

9."For me, it was something that I was anticipating. I came here, ya'll remember the whole story about me coming from Tulsa, flying in, I never went to the house. I stayed on the Northside of Houston, all my kids were there. I have been here since. I was looking forward to getting home, laying in my bed, just kind of relaxing and unwinding and seeing some family as well. My son's birthday was on the 27th, he turned three. We had some family come to town, we were able to just kind of relax, barbecue a little bit. Grill some steaks, quail, kind of threw down a little bit. It was good to see family and relax before we start this journey."

  • Running back Adrian Peterson on why he decided to go home during the bye week

*8. *"It's good to recover and also let your body catch up. We also went to training camp before that so that's a whole another month. The bye week came a little earlier than expected, but hey, this is what we gotta deal with. Now we got 13 straight, so now we got to get up and rock and roll with it."

  • Defensive tackle Ziggy Hood on the importance of rest during the bye week

Check out these photos of the Redskins' preparing for their Week 5 game against the New Orleans Saints Friday, Oct. 5, 2018, at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.

7."I have a little bit, and I mean, for me, I don't think they'll be any extra juices flowing. I'm sure when the games gets here it'll probably be a different feeling when I'm on the field. But, for me it'll be the same approach. IF I was to say that I'm going all out like I owe this team, I'd be cheating my teammates by basically saying the first three games I wasn't really playing as hard as I could. The approach will still be the same. It was a freak injury too; I'm not really worried about it."

  • Running back Chris Thompson on returning to New Orleans after his injury last season

6. "I feel like it's always a revenge factor, everybody plays with a chip on their shoulder no matter what. Any time you play against a big team like that on national TV you have to go in there looking for revenge or playing with a chip on your shoulder, everybody has something to prove especially on national TV so it's a big game for us."

  • Linebacker Mason Foster on revenge

5. "We've just got to take what we do well in the first quarter and the first half and execute that in the second half. We can't rely on that 'Okay we scored 27 points in the first half,' And just kind of let off the gas. We have to fine-tune ourselves and find a way to come out half-time just like we did first quarter."

  • Right tackle Morgan Moses on being better second half

Take a look back on photos from past matchups against the New Orleans Saints.

4. "Yeah, they're pretty crazy man so they had swim lessons on Thursday and I went swimming with them before, I picked them up early to go swimming. And then they go do their swim class, and then Saturday they have ice hockey usually I have to miss it because of travel and stuff so it was cool, got a chance to really hang out with them. But they're wild man, they keep each other entertained."

  • Foster on his kids keeping him busy

3. "You've got to lock down, you've got to plaster guys. Drew Brees is a phenomenal quarterback and he's got a lot of weapons around him and he knows how to use them. You can see that on the film, they put up a lot of points a game and as far as defense goes we've got a lot of defense we have to execute and communicate that's the biggest thing. They're gonna try and mess with out eyes early on, try to get us running around and confused and if we communicate we'll be able to play at a high level."

  •  Linebacker Zach Vigil on playing against Drew Brees

2. "No. I know that, coming from where I was I want to make the playoffs, so I think that's really important. I don't really pay attention to the standings, I just play football. I'm a ball player."

  • Wide receiver Paul Richardson on looking at standings early in the season

1. I think as cliché as it sounds, the only way you can handle pro football is one game at a time. Each game is a different problem and different set of issues that you have to work with, work through. This one is going to be on the road against New Orleans, led by Drew Brees and a very good defense. [Marshon] Lattimore is a heck of cover guy. They have some good players on defense also that can give you fits. So, I think each week you have to take it for its own entity, each play, each quarter, then move on to the next one when the time is right. We will worry about Cam Newton or whoever we play after that."

  • Gruden on the upcoming six week stretch against the NFC