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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Texans Practice Week

Geico Top 10 Quotes Week 2

With the team's practice prep for the Texans complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "Yeah, I think so. I think it's going to continue to grow. During a lot of the six games that we've won, we didn't have a lot of passes in those games. I think we threw for under 200 yards in four of them, maybe, that might be the fact. When you're not throwing the ball 45 times and having 30 completions, statistically you're not going to get the numbers. I think his numbers will come, hopefully."

  • Jay Gruden, on if there is chemistry growing between Reed and QB Alex Smith

9. "I'm always play 110 percent, but it's always fun going against that I know. My kids go to school with some of the players from the Texans. My wife is good friends with the Honey Badger, his fiance, like really good friends. So, it's a little extra incentive there, but ultimately getting to 7-3 is my main goal."

  • Adrian Peterson, on extra motivation playing against Houston

8. "Game planning. Just being a master at the craft whenever we play and trying to do the best to my ability. We know our hands are gonna be pretty full going against a guy like that, he's an All-Pro and an All-Pro for a reason. He's been that way since he came in, last year he showed that and now this year his uncanny ability to make catches in traffic, acrobatic, wow-ing catches even when defenders are draped on him, he does a great job of all those things and we've just got to be mindful of it and try to impose what we do and not try to take too much of what he has to do and we'll be okay."

  • Josh Norman, on Deandre Hopkins

7."Certainly, they are one of the most disruptive fronts in football. I think when you just talk about just creating problems, penetration. They're all over the place. They obviously are really, really talented. They get up the field. They're well-coached. I think together as a defense they've been together a long time. The bulk of that defense has been together, so they know what they're doing. They play fast, but certainly, I think it does start with how disruptive they are up front."

  • Alex Smith, on playing the Texans this week

6. "He's a part of the defense. That stuff is big for, you know it's points, you get them down there, hold them down there. It's limits their playcalling. So the way that Tress has been punting the ball all year, it's definitely helped us out a lot. That's the way we've been winning. Keep them down there, play defense and try to get the ball back and give our offense good field position. We all go hand in hand and Tress knows how important he is and how much we love what he's been doing."

  • Mason Foster, on Tress Way helping the defense

5. "Listen man, those are the ones that hurt. Those are the ones that I have to make and I gotta find a way to make those plays. If I was back 20 yards and not 19, I would have made that play. Swag tells me all the time, get back 20 yards and that one yard hurt me. It's all a learning experience and I guarantee I'll be back 20 yards next time I get that opportunity."

  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on his near interception last week

4. "He's a great athlete, has a great hold of the offense. He's definitely a big time athlete, really fast but he scrambles not only for first downs, he scrambles and keeps his eyes downfield. It's always a challenge when you get quarterbacks who do that, so it's going to be another big game for us, big challenge. Just got to go out there and take in all phases, we got a great plan, even level rushes and stuff. We'll see how it goes but I'm excited, I know guys are ready to play. Especially playing in front of our home crowd."

  • Mason Foster, on Deshaun Watson

3. "I'd rather give up three points than 29 points or 30 points. From our standpoint, we knew they were a good offense. They led the National Football League, so from our standpoint, we weren't going to give up any big plays and from our standpoint we didn't do that per say. I know we gave up 500 yards, I know it was in two-minute situations as well, but overall I think the guys played hard. They played physical. We stopped the run and we didn't give up the big plays. When you do that in this league and you play good red zone [defense], good things happen."

  • Greg Manusky, on the defense's performance against Tampa Bay

2. "It's so cool, it's such an honor. I mean it's one of those things where like I always joke around with Nick. Nick gets so fired up during the game which is so cool because we celebrate and we do our own thing and it's like the whitest celebrations possible, just no swag. And he looks at me and he's all fired up and it's just so cool because I always tell him 'Hey man, it started with the snap,' and he's 'Get out of here.' And I'm like 'Dude, you're doing a great job,' and then we've got J Chesson and Danny Johnson and Adonis Alexander. I mean, our guys on the outside, every game they're well over 20 miles an hour and I'm thinking 'Well, I don't have to get hit by that .' And these dudes are flying down the field so some of the punts I line drive. I had one I put on the sideline and Adonis was flying so he had to fair catch it so, inside the 20 has been awesome because our defense has been freaking good man, so if we can pin them inside the 20 wherever we are on the field that's obviously a big goal of mine just to help out the defense and we've got a little something going at 6-3 so we'll see if we can keep it going."

  • Tress Way, on being named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week

1. "No actually man I feel like we're sitting in a good position right now. Obviously there's a long ways to go, but Ty has been playing extremely well. I don't feel the need to get back because they need me, I just want to get back because I need the game, I need the competition, I need to be there with my teammates. I need to be there with my brothers on Sundays, that's where I'm at peace so that's why I want to get back out there so quickly."

  • Trent Williams, on if the team winning makes him want to get back sooner