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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Titans Practice Week


With the team's practice week for the Titans complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented byGEICO.

10. "I think it's really fun for Shawn to experience this. All of her athletic accomplishments happen before we met. So for her to now experience this with me, she's been such a great support. Just from the mental side of it, obviously gymnastics and being a specialists, a long snapper, it's a lot of mental demands. She's been so, so helpful as far as that goes."

  • Longsnapper Andrew East, on his wife, Shawn Johnson

9. "Every year has its own story every year plays out different and every year you can top it off with an accolade as such, it's a blessing you're thankful for."

  • Trent Williams, on making his seventh straight Pro Bowl

8. "I'm always talking to Josh. Telling him hey, be great. Just continue to do what you do. A big play is coming to you. He's a veteran, so he knows how to overcome adversity."

  • Adrian Peterson, on talking to quarterback Josh Johnson

7. "One thing I always tried to do with myself is even when things may seem negative, I always try to pull positives from them, just pull a positive and store it somewhere."

  • Josh Johnson, on how he prepared for his first start in seven years

6. "He's got to handle the progressions, the snap counts, the formations, the blitz looks that they give you which I can't even tell you how many blitzes there are. There are about 3,000 we watched, so it's going to be a great challenge for him. But, the most important thing is to keep his poise and make plays with his legs when he has to."

  • Jay Gruden, on the challenges facing Josh Johnson

5. "It's amazing because the look he has in his eyes is contagious because you see how bad he wants it. Then when you hand him the ball, it's very reflective in the way that he plays. For me, to have guys like that, I know he's putting pressure on the defense, which helps us in the passing game, which helps me as a quarterback. Like again; it's a great complementary to what we're trying to get done here. Every run game complements the passing game; offense complements the defense, special teams, etcetera. When you got a guy like Adrian Peterson who's so well respected but still is a hell of a player, it helps your job be a lot smoother as a quarterback."

  • Josh Johnson, on having Adrian Peterson behind him

4. "He's a big cat you know. We understand that, we got to make sure we swarm this guy, get around him. We got to have multiple hats on [him] because I always tell the guys don't assume that he's down because he could always break tackles. He does a great job, he's got a good stiff arm, he makes plays in space [and] he's a good jump cutter. He's a phenomenal back. He's a good back, so we got to make sure he's taken care of."

  • Greg Manusky, on stopping Derrick Henry

3. "He had been in the offense a little bit with Jay earlier in his career so there was some things he remembered but when he came in he had this confidence about him that he was going to get the job done regardless of what it meant, regardless of it required and that's all I can really say about him. It's, like I can say about Alex [Smith] it's not his words, it's the feeling you get from him when you walk by him, when you talk to him. Like, when you're in his presence it's just something different about him."

  • Chris Thompson, on the feeling he gets from Josh Johnson

2. "I think guys tend to look a lot better with the more reps that they get. If you're a backup at quarterback and you're just throwing pat and go, maybe getting some carded work, it's hard to see your development. But, when you're getting all the work with the ones, you can see a guy and talk to him about each individual throw, the footwork, the reads, the protections and I can see he's getting more comfortable. It's a difficult deal, but at least he's a guy with some brains and some confidence and can play."

  • Jay Gruden, on Josh Johnson's progression

1. "I know he's seen a lot of guys come and go, he's still here and I know that he knows that the opportunity to be a starting quarterback don't come around a lot and he has that opportunity and it's just a pleasure to see him go about the day as he goes about it and take advantage of it the way he does."

  • Trent Williams, on watching Josh Johnson this week