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Trenton Robinson Focused, Fresh For 2015


Fresh off of his fourth NFL training camp, Washington Redskins safety Trenton Robinson is focused on making 2015 his best season to date.

Simply put, this is the best Redskins safety Trenton Robinson has felt coming out of training camp and heading into the regular season during his four-year NFL career.

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"I know my position. I know what I'm supposed to be doing and my focused," Robinson told "I've learned a lot and I feel that the coaches have taught me well. I have good veterans in front of me, Dashon Goldson, I played with him a long time ago in San Fransisco and he's always been one of my favorite safeties. So I just get to learn from him every single day and when my time comes I know I'll be ready."

The 5-foot-9, 195 pound-pound Robinson said he focused a lot of his offseason efforts on his speed and agility as he's "not every going to be a big guy" who can make crushing hits in open field.

"I focus on speed a little bit and then for me it's just my mind, keeping my mind in it and staying focused," he said. "That's my number one focus right now is to literally just stay focused and stay in it because all of the great ones have to do that."

Robinson enters his third season with the Redskins hungry to contribute more not only on special teams, but on defense as well.

The Michigan State product paced the Redskins in special teams tackles last season with 21 while also recording the team's first interception of the 2014 season in a Week 2 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the first pick of Robinson's career.

His goal and mindset is that of a starter on defense, but he knows that he must excel on special teams when opportunities present themselves.

"I take pride in the things that I do on the field, so I want to be a starter on defense and I know that in order to do that, I have to play special teams and I have to be good at it," Robinson said. "I have to be really good at it. So I just continue to focus on what I'm doing and when I'm out there I just focus and go hard."

Robinson is part of a veteran core of special teamers that also includes Darrel Young.

But with three additional leaders of the group gone for the season in Adam Hayward (knee) Niles Paul (ankle) and Logan Paulsen (toe), Robinson wants to see some of the younger players step up.

"You don't know who it's going to be until it happens, so we're just looking for someone who is going to step up," he said. "Somebody will. It's the name of the game. But you can't replace [them]."

On defense, Robison is part of a close-knit secondary.

"We enjoy each other's company and we're out here and get along," Goldson said of the unit. "The camaraderie has been good since I got here. I don't really know what it's like before, but it's been great and feels like we've been playing together for a while."

As Robinson puts full effort into improvements on the field this season, he'll be guided by first-year defensive backs coach Perry Fewell, who is keen on sound technique.

"He wants you to know what you're doing when you're out there, and he expects you to know what you're doing when you get out there," Robinson said. "So, it's just coaching and how coaches are, they expect you to know what you're doing when you get your shot and you get on the field. So what does he bring? He brings himself, he brings his energy, and all the things that a good coach will do. He coached a Super Bowl team so I just sit back and absorb and learn and listen. I don't try and talk too much or anything. I just sit back and listen."




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