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Troy Vincent Media Session

On playing against Eagles safety Brian Dawkins:

"We were fortunate between myself, Bobby (Taylor) and Dawk that we played together for eight seasons. That is kind of unheard of for one unit to stay together for that long. Obviously when you are together that long your lockers are next to each other and you get to know each other as men a little bit outside the game. It is a special relationship. Dawk is my best friend off of the field. We have spent a lot of time together. I have a lot of good memories. We played some good football on our back end and as a team. We won a lot of football games and had a lot of playoff appearances. We were fortunate enough to lose some championship games, not win but lose some championship games. We played well together in the back end."

On what it will be like going up to Philadelphia and playing on the opposing sideline:

"Obviously I am on the rival team now but it is another game. When I came out to FedExField for my first home game being on the squad, I felt like I had been here before. There was nothing new outside of being on a different sideline. I was very comfortable. It will be nice to go back home and see some of the guys that are still there and still playing well. I am just trying to get that fourth victory and they just happen to be the next team on the schedule."

On how much time he gave himself to savor the key play he made against Dallas:

"I am still thinking about what we didn't accomplish and that was not getting off the field on third down. We are going against a high powered offense this week, a team that likes to throw the ball downfield and scores a lot of points even in their defeats. They were scoring some points outside of the Jacksonville game. For us to get where we need to be, we need to get off the field on third down. As a player over time, in the games you see the momentum shift. At the end of the game I happened to be the recipient of a blocked field goal. I didn't kick the game winning field goal, Nick (Novak, K, #3) did. All night, up until we talked about it as a staff about what we didn't do defensively and what we have to do to be successful, and that is create turnovers and get off the field on third down."

On what advice has he given to his teammates about playing in Philly:

"They know. The magnitude of the game is that we need to win. We need to stay alive for one more week. I am not going to make the game any bigger than what it is. It is a NFC East rivalry and we need to get to that fourth victory."

On the Philadelphia Eagles offense:

"They are explosive. Donovan (McNabb) is throwing the ball just as well as he has ever thrown it. The time I was leaving (Brian) Westbrook was just coming around to his own, so we know what kind of player he is. Now you have Donte' Stallworth, Reggie (Brown) has been playing extremely well, and L.J. Smith you know what he can do as a pass catching tight end. We are going to have our hands full defensively. They have multiple weapons but we faced a good offense last week. (Tony) Romo did a good job and so did T.O and the backs. It is a very similar offense outside #5 who can keep things alive in the pocket. We are going to have to play extremely well defensively. More importantly we have to get off the field on third down. They had some crucial third down situations that we did not play well last week and to beat Philly in Philly you have to get off the field on third down."

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