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Untold Stories From Super Bowl XVII: Dexter Manley

Dexter Manley was a defensive end for the Redskins' Super Bowl XVII championship team. Read his recollections--in his own words--on John Riggins' 4th-and-1 play, the fans and that memorable time in franchise history:

"It was 4th-and-1, and most of the time Joe Gibbs' philosophy was to run it right. But we ran it left, with 70 Chip.

"Just like you practice it, now you do it in the game. It was 'Riggo' left, and once I saw him run over [the defensive back], I knew we had won the game and I'd get a Super Bowl ring.

"As far as I'm concerned, Washington, D.C., people are the smartest people in the world, and they're people who put away their differences when it comes to the Redskins. The Redskins pull people together.

"That's what happened that Super Bowl year. It was great to see the fan support, and the response of the people. When we won that Super Bowl, it elevated, it inspired people. They were our 12th man.

"It goes through generations. Washington fans make you feel like somebody.

"And Joe Gibbs had compassion for me. I'm so thankful for that. He gave me the opportunity to be someone."


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