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Untold Stories From Super Bowl XVII: Joe Jacoby

Joe Jacoby was an offensive tackle for the Redskins' Super Bowl XVII championship team. Read his recollections--in his own words--on '70 Chip' and offensive line guru Joe Bugel:

"'50 Gut'' was a goal-line play, short yardage, pack it in there. But '70 Chip' was basic--outside the left tackle, the left tight end. It's man on man, picking everything up.

"The lead back would pick up the linebacker, flowing across, and the running back knew he had only one guy to beat, that secondary guy, and that was it. The chip guy was the lead back.

"I don't think we knew calling that play that we would hit a home run on it. We knew we could pick up the first down.

"It's late in the game, and we were behind at the time. Everything worked out.

"There's motion. Otis [Wonsley] gets two chips on two different players, which helps out. [Miami defensive back] Don McNeal was the last guy John [Riggins] had to beat. Nice little stiff arm, and he ran into the end zone.

"Me? I was still on the ground trying to get up."

"I think Joe Bugel was the right coach for each individual on that offensive line. I think Joe knew which buttons to push for each individual. He knew which ones he needed to coddle and which ones he needed to yell and scream at.

"That's what made him a good offensive line coach. He wanted us like the 'Rockettes,' so we had to step with the right foot. I guess because we worked so well together, and we were young guys, he had the chance to mold us."


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