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Vinny Cerrato Post-Draft Media Session

Opening Statement:

"The last pick that we took in the draft was Marko Mitchell, the receiver from Nevada. He is 6-4, 215 and ran a 4.36 [40-yard dash] at Indy. He is a big guy who has a lot of skills and can really run."

On whether he was surprised that the Redskins did not take an offensive lineman in the Draft:

"Not really. When we signed Mike Williams [on Friday] and the way he looked at the workout, that kind of helped that. Where we were picking there really weren't, it really wasn't a deep draft for offensive linemen. For guards it was not a very good draft. There were good centers, but they all went late first round and we didn't have a second round pick. When we got to the third round with [Kevin Barnes] that was the highest rated guy we had on the board. That is why we went that direction. There really wasn't an offensive lineman at that spot."

On how much Mike Williams is expected to participate in mini-camp:

"We used to have Bubba Paris and other guys like that in San Francisco. What we are going to do with Mike [Williams] is for this first month he will just work with the strength coaches and the rehab guys, work on conditioning and work on some drill work with [Joe Bugel] to get ready for June OTAs."

On how the Redskins decided to work out Williams:

"He has been living over at Derrick Dockery's house. [Derrick] told me about him and said 'will you contact him?' We said we wanted to bring him over and work out before the Draft and see what he looked like so it may help us decide when we are in the Draft what we are going to do. He came over on Friday, worked out, took a physical and signed a minimum contract deal. When you get past the point in the Draft where you don't feel like there is a starting guy there, then we just went to other positions."

On why Mike Williams was not successful in Buffalo:

"I don't know. I am not sure why it did not work. We are giving him the opportunity and putting him in the mix with our guys, put him in the mix at right tackle."

On why the Redskins did not take an offensive lineman in the draft:

"Stephon [Heyer] is doing a great job. Now it's time for [Chad] Rinehart, Devin Clark and some of the guys from last year that we have been training for a year to step up."

On how fullback Eddie Williams is recovering after tearing his ACL:

"He is running, he is cutting and doing all those things right now. If he hadn't been hurt, he probably would've been a third-or fourth-round pick. He played tight end also, excellent hands. [He is] a big guy, about 240 pounds and a good blocker. He should be ready by training camp. We will have a better idea when he gets here. Kind of like we did last year with Kareem Moore, but this guy has already had the surgery. When we drafted Kareem Moore he was having the surgery [the day after the Draft]. When we were there in the seventh round, a guy who is a talented guy and who would probably be ready for training camp, we thought it was very worth it."

On linebacker Cody Glenn:

"He had been a running back. [Nebraska coach] Bo Pelini worked for me in San Francisco, he was my draft room guy. I have known Bo forever and Bo really likes him a lot. The thing that I liked about him on film, and the thing that I we all liked about him on film, is he is physical, he has good instincts for the position and he is a violent player. He has a big upside and he is a good special teamer because he can run."

On cornerback Kevin Barnes:

"He has great speed. He has ball skills. He has good hips. He can plant and drive. He can play the ball in the air. I was at the one Cal game when he knocked out the Cal running back so I know he has the capabilities of being a good hitter. Jerry [Gray] really liked him. The way we play defense, you have to play man-to-man coverage a lot and he fits with what we do. Plus, he had to cover [Darius] Heyward-Bey everyday and [Heyward-Bey] said he was the only one who could run with him."

On cornerback Kevin Barnes tackling ability:

"I think he is a wrap-tackler. I do not think he is a trained killer like LaRon Landry, but in the Cal game he showed that he has the ability to knock a guy out if need be. I think it is in there, but he just needs to be more consistent with it. All of his other corner skills, his cover skills are outstanding."

On which linebacker positions Robert Henson can play:

"He played a lot of middlelinebacker and made a ton of plays. He can also play weak-side linebacker. My sister is a minister for Bishop Jakes down there and [Robert] is married to Bishop Jakes' daughter. I called my sister this afternoon and asked if she knew him. She said, 'Yeah, I've known the family, I've known the daughter, they are expecting a child and he is a great kid.'"

On his assessment of how the Redskins fared in the Draft:

"I think we were fortunate to get [Brian] Orakpo at 13. We feel fortunate about that. You really don't know for a couple of years, but I think we took care of some of our needs that we were looking for. We got some linebackers and a corner. The pass rusher I think was huge. Getting a fullback who has outstanding ability I think that will be important for us. [We also got] another receiver that we can develop."

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