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Vinny Cerrato Roster Cuts Press Conference


On placing Colt Brennan on injured reserve and releasing Chase Daniel:

"Colt [Brennan] had a leg injury, two leg injuries, so he is going to miss substantial time. We wanted to put Colt on Injured Reserve and we released Chase [Daniel]. We will see what happens. We will look at the wire and we have invited guys back for the practice squad tomorrow, which I won't mention who. We have invited 10 guys back and we will look at other team's rosters. We will go in with two quarterbacks on the active roster."

On Brennan's injury and whether or not an MRI had been done:

"Yes, they took an MRI and he had a partially torn hamstring and a torn labrum in the other hip. When he had the other hip [injury] before, he was having a hamstring problem. The hip seems to cause him hamstring problems, so he is going to go back and see the same guy who did the previous hip."

On Marcus Mason making the final roster:

"I think he deserved to be on the team. I think he answered it in the New England game, in the first series when he went in on the goal line, ran the safety over, and scored a touchdown."

On whether or not Mason's role will be short yardage:

"That is up to the coaches."

On confidence in Mason as a short-yardage running back:

"I have confidence in him as a runner period."

On Jeremy Bridges' release:

"What I think happens is the other guys outperform. When it comes down to the evaluation, guys kind of eliminate themselves and other guys force themselves to be on the team."

On D'Anthony Batiste making the final roster:

"We like his size and we like his feet. He has excellent feet. He can handle a speed rush."

On the pros and cons of carrying just two quarterbacks:

"I think a lot of teams are doing that this year. We will put one on the practice squad, so we will have three. Antwaan Randle El can go in and finish a game as well as any third quarterback."

On Mike Williams making the final roster:

"Anytime he played he showed power. In the Baltimore game he played well when he played. In the Jacksonville game he played 50 snaps and he maybe had one bad play, but he played well in that game. You see a guy who is a big, talented guy that can get movement off the ball."

On Robert Henson making the team over Robert Thomas and Cody Glenn:

"The coaches were more comfortable in that situation with him. They said he showed more explosiveness and he was more ready to play. He showed better hits and toughness in this past game (Jacksonville)."

On why QB Chase Daniel did not warrant a roster spot:

"We just felt like we would put one on the practice squad, and basically we put a 10th lineman on for that extra quarterback, or you can say we put Marcus Mason on for the quarterback. There are 25 slots, and you have to go somewhere and you want to put your best 25 on there, and that's what we felt like we did."

On if Carlos Rogers' injury was the reason the team placed CB Byron Westbrook on the 53-man roster:

"No, none whatsoever. That was not an easy decision, but he played well on special teams and he played well in the secondary. He had been a two-year practice squad guy, and we said coming into the year that he had to show up, and any time there was a ball on the ground he was picking it up and making plays. He improved a lot and he earned the right."

On if CB Byron Westbrook outplayed rookie CB Kevin Barnes:

"I'll say [Byron] Westbrook played well enough in all of the things he did, special teams and everything, to warrant a spot on the 53 [man roster]."

On choosing K Shaun Suisham over K Dave Rayner:

"I think it was pretty even until this past week. The kicking competition - I think you guys were out there - and [Shaun] Suisham did very good that day, and then when you left he did kickoffs and he did that well and then when he made the 48-yarder [against Jacksonville], and he's won games for us in the past. So to me, we feel comfortable with him going in."

On if the 53-man roster at this point is better than it was at the end of the 2008 season:

"Well I think so on the offensive line and the defensive line. I think we're deeper in the secondary, and I think we're deeper at running back, and I think Jason [Campbell] is a lot better than he was last year."

On if any one roster move can be characterized as the hardest:

"We had good discussions in there on quite a few things, so I wouldn't say one was harder than the other. It's just, 'Do you want to keep this many at this [position]?' or 'If we keep this many at this [position], then we got to go less here,' and those kind of things. I think it was more about that."

On how long QB Colt Brennan has been dealing with the hip injury:

"I know the hamstring has been kind of an issue but then he really strained it the other night. Supposedly the hip has probably been what's been causing it; that's what caused the other one."

On when it was apparent that WR Marko Mitchell would be a part of the final 53 man roster:

"To me it was almost just like Chris Horton last year. In mini-camp he made plays. When we had the scrimmage I think he caught five balls, and he's caught a touchdown in three of the four games. To me, that one was pretty obvious."

On if there were any players who surprised the team by their play in the preseason:

"I think Marko Mitchell, especially--we drafted him and we said he'll probably be a practice squad guy. Edwin Williams I think was another one - an un-drafted lineman that can play three spots and got better each week, and he earned it. I think it was those two guys, and I would imagine everybody would probably say tha

On if he likes the mix of young players and veterans on the team:

"I think we're always looking to develop the young guys, and then we have high-priced starters, and then you have the younger guys who can develop and come up that are cheaper is kind of how you build."

On if RB Marcus Mason improved his pass blocking from last year to this year:

"Yeah, I think absolutely. He improved his total overall game. His pass protection is good where you feel comfortable putting him in on third downs. I think the guy definitely earned his spot on the football team."

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