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Wake Up Washington | Rivera emphasizes need to spread the ball offensively


Though Washington's offense showed its potential in the first two games of the season, it looked lackluster against the Philadelphia Eagles. The performance forced Ron Rivera to get honest about where the unit's identity stands as its many weapons look to coalesce.   

"I think we're still working through it," Rivera said. "We have a mixture of playmakers, and we have to figure out the best way to use them."  

Several of the playmakers that have been heavily used thus far are in the wide receiver room. Curtis Samuel, Jahan Dotson and Terry McLaurin are an electrifying trio. Too much attention on them, though, can be harmful when it comes to gameday.   

"We can't feel that our best three offensive players are our wide receivers, because if we go into that with that mindset, the tendency is going to be to throw the ball, to get it in their hands," Rivera said.  

That desire to sling longer throws in the hopes of finding a receiver's hands was perhaps a factor in Wentz getting stuck taking too long to make a decision in the pocket. Rivera wants to get more dynamic and creative with how the offense uses the very capable players it has.  

"With what we can do with our ability to run the ball, we have to give that a shot as well…we have some very capable runners" Rivera said. "Then same thing with the tight end position. We can't forget those guys."  

The goal will be to get in a rhythm where shorter, intermediate and longer passes are all part of the offensive equation in varying degrees on each drive. This week leading up to Dallas will present more opportunities to work on implementing the right mix.   

"I think understanding how to spread the ball we're still trying to find," Rivera said. "We have so many playmakers, but there's only one ball and we've gotta find that combination."

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