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What They're Saying: New York Giants


The Washington Redskins on Sunday play the New York Giants in Week 3 action at MetLife Stadium.

On Wednesday, New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo and quarterback Eli Manning spoke to the Washington, D.C., media about their upcoming matchup against the Redskins.

New York Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo

On preparing for pass-heavy offenses:

"I think regardless of who you play that's probably the most important thing in defensive football is stopping the run and making a team one-dimensional."

On CB Josh Norman and Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

"I think it's a one-time deal. I think they're two great competitors. They got caught up in the moment. We have to trust them and put them out there and give them a chance to compete the right way. I think it will be a great show for everyone to watch." 

On if he spoke with Beckham about it this week:

"There are conversations that are had and I want to keep those private."

On Norman and Beckham:

"Again, I think they're two great competitors. I look forward to seeing them out there competing on Sunday."

On how offenses can counter a cornerback shadowing a receiver:

"Well, I think there's a little more to it than just the one-on-one matchup. I think you have to see what type of leverage you're getting – whether a safety is tilting one way or the other, whether it's two safeties over the top or whether there's a linebacker or an inside player favoring that way as well when he's getting doubled. I think there's still ways to get somebody the ball. It's just the quarterback has to pick his one-on-one first and then work through his progression."

*New York Giants QB Eli Manning           *

On the Redskins' defense:

"They're a good defense. They've done a good job getting pressure on the quarterback – and usually without blitzing, just with their front four getting good pressure and causing some fumbles and turnovers. So they're talented. They've got talent all over the field. We have to play smart football. We have to hopefully be able to run the ball a little bit and find some completions."


On if he worries that CB Josh Norman could get into WR Odell Beckham Jr.'s head:**

"No, we have to go out there and play football. He's a good player, but we're worried about the whole Washington team, and for me, their defense, they have a lot of good players and he's one of them. But we just have to go out there and play our game and stick to playing football."

On if he has spoken to Beckham this week about Norman:

"No. I've just talked to him about just the game plan and what we're going to run – what routes – and what things we can work on this week to get better but no, he knows what he has to do and what's going to be expected of him." 

On how the addition Norman changes what he sees in the Redskins' secondary:

"Well, he's a good player. He's physical. He does a good job of getting his hands on receivers, and you know we'll see what their plan is – if they'll move him around with Odell [Beckham Jr.], or keep him on the right side, or line him up all over the place. So, we'll see, we'll find out what their game plan is, but we're just going to go out there and play our game."

On if finding where Norman is lined up will create a challenge:

"No, it's not challenging for me. You know, I still have my reads. It's not going to affect my progressions, my reads, and still got to just go where the defense is telling me to go."

On WR Victor Cruz:

"I thought Victor's done some good things. He's still feeling some things out and getting back into football mode. It's been a long time since he's played in some games, but he obviously made a huge catch at the end of last week's game, but he had the fumble, also. Those things, we just to get back to playing football. You kind of see him starting to make some big plays and that's fun to see."

On if he is more conscious of where Norman lines up:

"Well, you know, I still have got to go through my reads. Sometimes, you maybe look at the matchup, if they're playing man-to-man and it's all even, you pick your matchups. But, I don't think….no, I am not going to be watching and seeing where he goes every time, I still have got to just go through my progressions."

On the presence of WR Sterling Shepard:

"Yeah, I thought Shepard has done a good job making plays and getting open. So he's got a little explosiveness to him and has done a good job learning the offense and stepping right in. So, I've been proud of his progression and I think he should continue to get better."

On favoring Shepard on third downs:

"Well, it just all depends on what defenses are playing, and a lot of teams are trying to take away Odell, favoring a safety to his side and leaving Sterling one-on-one, so that's a matchup where he can go win and he did a good job doing that last week."

On if they view this as a chance to push the Redskins to 0-3:

"No, we look at it, 'Hey, it's the next game.' We're worried about our season and what we've got to do and it's a chance for us to go 3-0 and that's all we are concerned with." 

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