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What They're Saying: Philadelphia Eagles


The Washington Redskins (1-2) on Sunday play against the Philadelphia (1-2) in 2015 Week 4 action at FedExField.

On Wednesday, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and defensive end Fletcher Cox spoke to the Washington, D.C., media about their upcoming matchup against the Redskins.

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly

On his opinion of QB Kirk Cousins:"I think Kirk is a heck of a quarterback. He had an outstanding game against us. We've only faced him once and in that one game that he played against us, he was very accurate, put the ball on receivers and was a handful for us. That's the only Kirk we've seen."


On how much time it takes to truly evaluate young quarterbacks: **"I think it all depends on the individual. There's not a set metric of, 'It should be this or it should be that.' I think it's all depending who the individual is and how he develops and what that deal is."

On the biggest difference in Redskins' defense this year:"Obviously the second-ranked defense in the NFL after three games. They do such a good job in the run game. They're very big inside with [Terrance] Knighton and [Chris] Baker and those guys. And then Jason Hatcher is a guy that – whether he's been in Dallas and we faced him two years ago or last year – that he's one of the better inside defensive players in this league. And then you've got two edge players in [Ryan] Kerrigan and [Trent] Murphy that I think contain it. Both [Keenan] Robinson and Perry [Riley, Jr.] run really well at linebacker, so really they're run defense has been outstanding in the first three games."

On RB DeMarco Murray's struggles early this season:"Well, DeMarco was injured last week, so he didn't play versus the Jets."

On RB Darren Sproles' effectiveness as a veteran:

"I just think it all comes to the individual. I've said it a couple times this week, I've never been around a player that works as hard, trains as hard, prepares as well as Darren prepares. What you see on Sundays is what we see every day in our training sessions with him."

On the key to forcing turnovers:

"Obviously winning the turnover battle is essential in this league. It's been a big point of emphasis for us since we got together last April. We've changed around a lot of players and faces on the defensive side. Our defensive line, we felt was very good and stayed intact. But we added depth at inside linebacker and we really revamped our secondary. It's just about the players that we have over there are really playing at a consistent level right now."

On S Malcolm Jenkins' fit in the Eagles' defense:

"Our safeties, we don't play a traditional free safety and down safety or box safety, so to speak. We play right and left safety. So the fact that both of our safeties Walter Thurmond and Malcolm Jenkins came into the league as corners I think fits in what we're trying to do defensively. You have to be able to be a free safety and have great range. You also have to be able to come down in the slot and cover some of the really good receivers in this league. You're going to get matched up with [Andre] Roberts at times. They do such a good job offensively in Washington of moving [Pierre] Garçon and DeSean [Jackson] and those guys around that you've got to have a safety who can cover. I think what we look for in our safeties is bigger, corner-type guys that have the ability to cover slots and tight ends. That's what both Malcolm and Walt have the ability to do."

On how difficult it is to replace an interior lineman three weeks into the season:

"I think it's very difficult to replace any player that was a starter whether it'd be three weeks in or 13 weeks in, but you hope that you've got enough depth that can withstand it. You know everybody in the league, no matter where you are, is dealing with some type of loss at any position. I know the Redskins had their fair share in the preseason losing the tight ends and [Junior] Galette and guys like that. It's just part of this league and I think you have to prepare for it in terms of trying to bolster your depth as you put your team together."

On developing teams that have been resilient enough to stay in games when they trail early:

"Well, I just say it all comes back to the players. We've got some very mentally strong players here. I've been fortunate everywhere I've been that we've had players that are very mentally strong, just understand that everybody is good and every week is going to be a battle. You're going to be up and you're going to be down but you have to really play consistent throughout and not really pay attention to what the score of the game is. Sometimes you end up on top, sometimes you don't end up on top, but what's going on from a score standpoint shouldn't dictate how you're playing."

On if he has adjusted the team's game plan because of Hurricane Joaquin's expected landfall:

"Well, we'll wait until Sunday to know what exactly is going to happen, but it's something that we've been monitoring."

On if he expects to have Murray in the lineup Sunday:

"Well, we have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of training here before we determine who's playing this week or not. He worked with us yesterday. We worked – we're a Tuesday practice team  – so he was out there yesterday and did some things yesterday and we'll see how he is as the week develops."

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Fletcher Cox

On the Redskins' offensive line:

A look back at some of the top images in games between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

"Well, I look at it as I think they do a great job of running the football. The offensive line, they have got a bunch of great guys on the O-Line. I think it's coming down to, some type of attitude, controlling what we can control and that's, you know, doing what we're coached to do." 

On if he sees similarities between the Dallas Cowboys' offensive line last year and the Redskins' offensive line this year under Redskins Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan:

"Well, yeah. I mean, a lot of things and a lot of things, a lot of different players, a little bit of different scheme, I think, but I think they've established that they're going to run the ball no matter what. That's the thing that they did in Dallas last year when he was there. They were running the ball. They're going to find ways to run the ball."

On the current state of the NFC East and how he sees things shaping up:

"Well, I look at it as we are all in the NFL and pro football players and injuries does happen. How we look at it is 'next man up,' so we've got a few people down on our team and it's the next man up, don't look back.  The next guy's got to step up and get the job done."




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