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What They're Saying: Philadelphia Eagles


The Washington Redskins (7-7) on Saturday play the Philadelphia Eagles (6-8) in 2015 Week 16 action at Lincoln Financial Field.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and wide receiver Jordan Matthews spoke to the Washington, D.C., media about their upcoming matchup against the Redskins.

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly

On the missed opportunities in Week 4 and 'what could have been':

"We never talk about what could have been. We just… We look at the tape and analyze how they defended us and analyze how they attacked us and put a game plan in. We're not a 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' operation."

On how they keep focus in the next two weeks:

"Well, you just said it. I mean, you've got to win the first game, so there is no second game. Our focus and concentration — just like it is every week — is on just who our next opponent is. You know, it's a real good Washington team that's playing well right now so they have all our attention." 

On the Eagles' media guide:

"That has nothing to do with me. I don't know what is sent out from our team. You're talking to the wrong guy."

On the difference in the Redskins' offense when WR DeSean Jackson is on the field:

"It's different because he's a talented player and obviously adds a lot to what they can do, can get down the field. Kirk [Cousins] and DeSean seem like they have a good relationship and they're getting the ball to him." 

On the Redskins' biggest threat on offense:

"I think how well Kirk Cousins is playing right now. You know, he's got a real good command of what Jay [Gruden] is trying to get accomplished there and he's completing a high percentage of passes. You look at last week's game, he also had a touchdown run. He's athletic when he's dropping back so that if you've got coverage he can beat you with his feet, but he's always got his eyes downfield looking to throw. He's obviously got some really good weapons to throw to, but I think it's really the play of Kirk right now that's getting their offense going."

On if there's anything different about the offense on the road:

"No. We're preparing for their best and we don't say 'Hey they're not going to play like that because they're not at home.' It's a really good football team that's going to give us everything they've got and we're preparing for their best."

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews*

On QB Sam Bradford's growth this season:

"Just him getting more acclimated to the offense. Of course there's systematic things – just knowing the plays better and understanding the offense, but I think the biggest and most important thing is just getting to know all the players. We always say 'KYP' – knowing your personnel. [It's] knowing what guys do well and knowing what spots on the field guys are better at than others – red zone, third down, short-yardage, long-yardage situations – just getting that feel for everyone. I think that's the biggest thing he's been able to do is get a better feel for guys like me, guys like [Zach] Ertz, Coop [Riley Cooper], Josh Huff, Nelson [Agholor], Brent [Celek], everybody. I think the ball, if you notice, it's kind of been spread around a little bit. Everybody has had their opportunities and I think that's a big deal when you have got a quarterback that's able to do that." 

On how Bradford is helping him play better in Head Coach Chip Kelly's system:

"I think if you just watch Sam, it's definitely you can see he's an accurate guy. I think that definitely helps especially when you're talking about guys as far as slot receivers and tight ends and stuff like that because we're in a lot of tight holes and a lot of tight windows. He's still able to squeeze it into us. He's really good with his timing too. I think that helps us be successful. Then just his overall poise, he never gets shaken. There's games… whether things are going good or bad, adversity or high times, it always seems like he's the same person so that also helps too."




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