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What They're Saying: Pittsburgh Steelers


The Washington Redskins on Monday play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 action at FedExField.

On Wednesday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spoke to the Washington, D.C., media about their upcoming matchup against the Redskins.

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin

On the challenges of Week 1:

"I think the first game is less about the people that you play and more about you doing you, us being detail-oriented from an assignment standpoint, playing hard, communicating well, not being highly penalized. I think we all – and when I say we, I mean all 32 teams – really have a similar challenge this week that we need to be a tough team to beat and the first thing to do that, the first element of that, is not beating yourselves."


On DE Ziggy Hood: **

"Ziggy was always a hard-working professional. So it is no surprise to me that he is still sustaining himself and being helpful to a football team."

On what made Hood an effective pass rusher:

"Just his general approach to work. He has always had a good natural get off. He's always working at his craft, he realizes that his professional detail is an element of it, and when he was with us, that was always his approach to getting better."

On the ability to replenish at the wide receiver position:

"I just think that is a part of today's NFL. Players are going to come and go not only at the receiver position but it's our charge to continually develop talent and whether it is draft picks or practice squad players or guys that you pick up through another avenue. We are continually working to develop talent because we acknowledge that change is a part of our game."

On why it happens specifically with the wide receiver position:

"Because that's the position you asked about [laughter]. I don't view that position any different than the other ones to be honest with you."

On what changes if CB Josh Norman follows WR Antonio Brown or stays on one side:

"We don't care because we don't have any control over that. We try not to waste time worrying about things that are outside of our control. They'll determine how they utilize Josh and his talents and we will adjust."

On the 1995 VMI team and his experience with Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn:

"We were both young guys excited about coaching and getting into the profession of coaching. We worked hard and we worked together, we helped one another. I had known Dan because during my senior year at William & Mary, he had been a volunteer coach there. We had a past experience. I think it helped us to work well together and to teach one another and to grow and it was a good environment for young people. I think Coach [Bill] Stewart had a lot to do with that. He was very hands on in terms of our growth and development as coaches."

On William & Mary Head Coach Jimmye Laycock and the longevity of his career:

"He is a special guy and knowing him, that's not surprising, particularly because I am aware of his love for that university, his alma mater as well. It's just a very exciting thing to know that that's a place that you can call home. There's been generations of football players that can go back there and see familiar faces and that's the consistency that he provides and we are all appreciative of it.

On QB Kirk Cousins and the legitimacy of his success last season:

"I don't know what people are looking for. He threw for over 4,000 yards and over 25 touchdowns. The last six games of the season his quarterback rating was over 100. He needs no endorsement from me."

On the younger wide receivers such as Markus Wheaton and Eli Rogers:

"They are all capable men. They all have different skillsets in terms of the stress that they bring to the table and it is our job to put them in a position to do what it is they do. All the guys at the position have had really good training camps and preseasons and we are excited about going into the stadium and putting it all together."

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

On the Steelers replenishing at wide receiver:

"Well, I think guys come in and they see the work ethic. They see what this offense has the potential to be and it makes them all want to be the best.  I think we do a great job of getting guys in here that are unselfish and want to just do whatever they can to help the team."


On WR Antonio Brown setting the expectations for the receivers:**

"Well, he's the trend-setter, you know? He's the barometer for what those guys all try and do. He works his butt off every single day and I think those guys see that and want to try to strive to be as good as he is. So that makes them work that much harder."

On how he maintains his body throughout the year at this point of his career:

"Try not to get hit [laughter]. You know, it's one of those things, you're constantly learning and evolving, trying to understand the offense, get the ball out of your hands, call a quick pass. You know, learning massage therapies and chiropractors and all those things as well."

On if he uses a hyperbaric chamber:

"I haven't done the hyperbaric chamber. I've heard a lot of things about it. I've kind of, like I said, ventured and I've got a guy that comes [and] works on my shoulder and my body, a masseuse and those kinds of things. Diet is obviously important as you get older, so I've gone to a lot of extents. I think every year you take another step towards perseverance."

On what he uses as motivation:

"More Super Bowl titles. Having two is great, but I think every year every team should be striving to win it. That's my goal. I want to win as many as I can. I'll take that over any individual title or any individual accolades, whatever it is. For me, it's all about trying to win championships for this organization and the fans."

On playing against brash cornerbacks like Josh Norman:

"You know, you can't get sucked into that game. If you try to do that, that's when they…when the game falls apart or the defender gets you. That's what they want. Individual part… this is the ultimate team sport. I've been playing long enough not to fall into that trap of—whether it's a corner, whether it's a linebacker, a trash-talker, I've just got to keep about my business. I'm not going to worry about trying to beat Josh. He's one of the best in the business. Him and AB [Antonio Brown] will I'm sure have plenty of talking matches and jabbering back-and-forth. For me, it's about trying to go out and just beat the Redskins."

On if young players think success comes without work, and how he can keep them grounded amidst Super Bowl expectations:

"Well, I don't think anybody has that mentality around here. You know, this organization, I've been blessed to be here for 13 years now, and whether it's the people that came before me—way before me—whatever it is, there's just a different mindset around here that nothing is handed out. You work your butt off every single day. You know, going into the season, everybody's tied for first place. You know, everybody should be a favorite for the Super Bowl because no one's played a game yet. So, we take the mindset of trying to get one game, try to get 1-0, and that's goal number one. So, no one around here is thinking anything other than that."

On what the Redskins defense will look like with Norman and how different it will be from last season:

"It's hard because you've got a new guy coming in and the preseason is the preseason, but I would assume… We have to go into this with the approach that he may stay on our right or he may follow AB [Antonio Brown]. We have to be prepared to make sideline adjustments. We anticipate a lot of single-high stuff because they've got the personnel to do it. He is able to take over his side of the field and that gives them freedom to let DeAngelo [Hall] or David [Bruton Jr.] or those other guys just kind of roam around and do things that make them so dynamic and explosive. We are just going to have to try and be ready for them and make the on-field adjustments or on the sideline as we go." * *

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