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Will Compton Expected To 'Play A Lot' Against Saints


Whether its as a starter or continuing to serve as a key backup, Will Compton will be relied upon during the Redskins' Week 10 matchup with the Saints.

With Keenan Robinson currently dealing with an injury that had him sidelined for Wednesday's practice that could keep him out of Sunday's matchup with the Saints, the Redskins could ask Will Compton to take on an increased role.

A countdown of the Top 10 images of Redskins linebacker Will Compton during the 2014 season.

At the very least, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said Compton is "going to play a lot."

"We'll wait and see how Keenan is going to do with his injuries and all that stuff," Gruden said. "We anticipate Will playing a lot."

Compton has made seven career starts including two this season for Perry Riley Jr. as he dealt with a calf injury, but taking on Robinson's role, one that has more of a vocal presence, is a little different.

"It gets difficult, but that's part of it, and I actually pride myself in doing that," Compton said of learning both middle linebacker positions. "I feel like that's what helps make me the player I am. I feel like that helps make me unique in a way because I can do both. I can do any of the positions. It does get difficult at times. But, again, I pride myself on being able to do that and I enjoy it."

Compton last Sunday appeared on 52 of the defense's 80 plays against the Patriots, recording 10 tackles.

Naturally, the University of Nebraska product said he had some good moments but also "some knucklehead things as far as my eyes."

"[I let] Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] out to the flat one play, the one I tackled him on," Compton said. "He shouldn't have been that free, I just had my eyes in the backfield. Couple things early on in the game, but obviously some things are going to happen sometimes, but I played well all in all."

Even if Compton doesn't get the call to start, he said he's just "going to do my thing."

"Whatever they want, that's their call," Compton said. "They know what they have in me, and how I play. Just going to continue to do a good job when I go out there and let everything fall where they may. It's out of my hands. … That stuff, again, is out of my control, and if I let that affect me, my psyche and things like that, especially when I go out on the field, then I won't be able to perform at my best. So, I try to do my best, leave all that stuff aside."

The confidence in Compton has grown as the days, months and even years have passed.

Starting out as a college free agent, Compton would spend all but one game on the practice squad during the 2013 season.

Last year, he was a solid backup, filling the role of primary backup to both Robinson and Riley Jr.

While Compton continues to serve the same position this season, the confidence has skyrocketed.

"I see myself playing more confidently, being quick with my instincts, trusting what I see and pulling the trigger and going and making the play," he said. "But again, it's just repetition after repetition; you just get more and more comfortable, not get too higher than the moment. When I was a young guy, you're thinking NFL, this and that, but now that I'm relaxed, playing confident. Football is the same game every day. I definitely see a lot of improvement I made, especially since I first got here."




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