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Williams Training Camp Media Session

On how much of the regular veterans fans can expect to see in Sunday night's preseason opener:

"We're going to discuss that as a staff. Coach Gibbs will sit down with us in a staff meeting and go through that. Our formula is to make sure we see as much of the young guys early and we're going to give our gives significant snaps, I'll tell you that. What that's going to be is going to depend on the length of drives because I'm not going to give them a lot of help with trick calls or anything, I'm going to let them play football and it's going to be pretty vanilla. If we can get off the field, we'll see how many series they play, if they play long drives then I'm going to take a look at their conditioning level and try to do the best we can on keeping guys healthy."

On if he wants to see more of the newcomers on Sunday night:

"It really is too early; it was nice to see the scrimmage and the live reps in the scrimmage. For a scrimmage, we tackled pretty well for the first time out and we take a lot of pride in that. I think this team (Cincinnati Bengals) runs the ball very well and I think Bob Bratkowski (Cincinnati Offensive Coordinator) on how he executes the passing game to take the pressure off of his quarterbacks. It will be a good test for us, we're going to be very vanilla and we're not going to do anything to try to overload the younger guys minds or even the older guys for that matter. We're going to watch them work on their techniques and look at the conditioning levels and really concentrate on fundamentals."

On the development of Sean Taylor (S, #21):

"He's had an excellent camp. One of the things I mentioned to you guys before is that you usually see a huge jump between year one and two but the biggest jump in my experiences that I've had with guys, the biggest jumps has come in years two and three, right before the third year. If the first week to ten days of camp is any indication, he's ready for the challenge. I think he has improved his communication, his conditioning level is excellent, and his change of direction is excellent. His knowledge of what we do and what he can get away with, because we allow the freedom of some more exotic alignments because we don't want the quarterback to know what we're in. He's getting much more comfortable taking liberties with his alignments because he trusts his speed and he trusts his conditioning right now. It was nice to see him in the scrimmage, because I thought that was the best I have seen him play and he didn't play very many plays, but from a discipline standpoint, that's the best I've seen him play since he's been here."

On the added responsibilities given to Lemar Marshall (LB, #98):

"It's been more each year and I'll do more this year. The middle linebackers that have played for any length of time in what we've done defensively, have gotten more and more liberties. He is playing himself into shape, I think he's having a good camp, the things that Lemar can do from an athletic middle linebacker position, is that his defensive back skills really help him in the passing game with breaks on the ball. It really helps him in the passing game on his instinct and his reflexes on very fast throws underneath. He made some awful nice plays last year on those and he's made a few here in the last week of practice. I know coach has mentioned a couple of offensive guys that have done a very good job here staying around all summer, there's nobody that has better attendance this off-season than Lemar Marshall."

On the adjustment of Adam Archuleta (S, #40) into the defense:

"He's getting more comfortable in what we do and it's somewhat overwhelming anytime you bring a defensive back in from some place that's been trained other places. They usually do very little as far as passing concepts or coverage concepts that other teams do compared to us. He's had to learn totally new techniques, totally new verbiage and the freedom that we give them to make the decisions. He is kind of used to where the coaches made all the calls and you had to go out and do it no matter what. What we do in our system is we give the players a say, and so he's had to get comfortable with recognizing fast enough putting himself in a better position. On top of all that, he's got to learn the nuances of new footwork that we teach our secondary people that not a lot of people do. I'm blessed to have Steve Jackson who's been around me 15 out of 16 years and has played every secondary position for me and Jerry Gray the last 10 or 11 years he's been around me too, so both of those guys are good for Adam because they're resources that he needs right now. He's needs a lot of help right now getting comfortable, he's getting more comfortable and that scrimmage was important because he saw some things in that scrimmage that I've seen him fix this week already. He's a smart, prideful kid and he'll fit in."

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