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Wilson: 'I'm Back Now, And Even Hungrier'


For every sad story on roster cut days, there's a story of success, like with fifth-year linebacker Chris Wilson. 

For him, last Friday was his final redemption for an NFL dream that wouldn't die.

Wilson played for the Redskins from 2007-2010 before being released coming out of last year's player lockout.  Rather than accepting the end of the playing career, Wilson re-asserted himself and battled for a second chance. 

After earning a spot with an offseason tryout, he understood that the battle had only just begun.

"From day one I just continued to make strides," Wilson said.  "I understand the whole marathon aspect of training camp and how we're supposed to continue to make strides to continue to get better."

Even as he got re-acclimated to the playbook and rigors of the preseason, he refused to let himself become complacent.  He pushed harder, even when the results were in his favor.

"I thought I was good," Wilson said with a smile.  "After sitting out last year you still kind of wait for that official mark and once that came I was happy."

Wilson has 65 tackles (48 solo) and 6 sacks so far in his career.

During his year off, Wilson had time to reflect on how to improve his results by tweaking his playing style and extra work off the practice field.

"Just learning how to watch film, learning how to take care of your body and things like that," Wilson explained.  "All of that pays off, and being able to put it together in that second or two that you have seeing the offense lining the ball up, is what I'm able to do now."

The time off also allowed Wilson to mature, and appreciate the opportunity he had with the Redskins.  Now that he is back, winning means more than ever.

"I'm back now, and even hungrier," Wilson said. "We've got talent and I'm just trying to do something with it.  Trying to get everybody to believe and on and the same page.  Try to get some momentum."

Not only is Wilson happy to be back in the NFL, but he's proud that he held out for another opportunity with the Redskins—the first NFL team to believe in him.

"After being here for five years, I realized I wanted to make this area my home, Wilson said.  "What better organization to be in? 

"To be able to do something special in this area, for this team, means that much more." 




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