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With Move Inside, Trent Murphy's Bulking Up Phase Well Underway


Trent Murphy has packed on the pounds recently -- he's up to 276 pounds -- as he gets his body ready for a move inside to play along the defensive line.

Trent Murphy has been through this process before.

While he was at Stanford, Murphy jumped up nearly 20 pounds at one point during his time at the school with the hope that it would push him to the next level against top college competition. It worked, as Murphy finished his senior season with consensus All-American honors after leading the country with 15 sacks.

He's hoping to a weight gain will have similar results in 2016, as he's currently up to 276 pounds with a move to the defensive line looming.

Murphy was listed as 258 pounds last season.

"I think I would really like to be at a solid 285 pounds," Murphy told on Tuesday. "Maybe like 287 going into training camp. I think would be a good number."

Murphy's had to make slight alterations to his diet, consuming more calories than he was previously.

"The biggest thing is it kind of reminds me a lot of college when I tried to jump from 240 to 265, 260, so yeah, kind of old habits really," Murphy said. "Just increasing the meals and making a couple shakes a day. It's kind of the biggest thing for me is shakes because I can drink calories in between meals."

But the 2014 second-round pick isn't just eating and drinking whatever is in sight.

"So that's the hard part," Murphy said of continuing to eat healthy. "Everyone is like, 'Oh, I'm so envious of you, you get to eat everything you want.' Like I wish I could eat that. But it's not like just adding 20 cheeseburgers a day. It's like stuffing your face with healthy food which is like torture almost. So it's a small price to pay but I think it'll be worth it in the end."

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The coaches have confidence in Murphy from a technical standpoint that he can remain a playmaker from a new position.

"I think he can play inside, outside, standup, put his hand down and gain some more weight," Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said last month. "I think we'll have to play with him a little bit."

Gruden added: "He will have the ability to put his hand down, maybe play five technique or something like that. Because he's got great hips I think and he's got a great motor, he plays extremely hard. We've got to find a place for him to keep him on the field."

Murphy returned to Redskins Park this week to start the first of three phases of offseason workouts with his teammates.

It's been a little bit different for him not being with the linebackers.

"Every time I walk past the linebackers we kind of tease each other," Murphy said with a smile. "But yeah, I'm all with the D-line now."




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