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Wynn: D-Linemen 'Complement Each Other'

Defensive end Renaldo Wynn spoke with this week about the defense and the positive momentum the team has built during the last few weeks:

Q: How much lift from the energy standpoint did LaVar Arrington give the defense last week?

A: "You saw what happened last week as far as the crowd and players. We as players wanted to see him out there. LaVar is always getting us ready even though sometimes he probably knows he is not going to be out there. For him to finally get out there and contribute, play the way he did and just to be excited, it was like a kid in the candy store. I was excited for him."

Q: Do you think LaVar is on his way back to earning a starting spot?

A: "That is up to the coaches. If he continues to do the hard work in practice and prepare, that is one thing that Gregg Williams always talks about is, making sure every player is prepared to play and know what they are dong on the field. I think LaVarhas done that and I know he is going to continue to do that."

Q: Do you expect Cornelius Griffin to have extra motivation facing his former team?

A: "When you're playing your old team, you always want to do well. I'm sure Griff wants to show [the Giants] that they made a mistake [in allowing him to leave]. I'm sure he is just as happy to be here and has no regrets, but at the same time, those are his old teammates and comrades. For that reason, you always want to play hard when you play your old team."

Q: How well is line working together as a unit, despite all of the injuries?

A: "We all work well together. It's like a well-oiled machine. No one can do their job without the others. I think we all play well together and complement each other. Cornelius is a great talent. He's having a Pro Bowl year. But he has to stay healthy. I'm sure he is doing whatever it takes to do that."

Q: Do you think this Sunday's game against the New York Giants is the biggest game you've played since you came to Washington?

A: "No doubt about it. You can't hide the fact that that's the case. I'm sure the Giants feel exactly the same way. They're working just as hard. It's going to be a great battle."

Q: How do you think Lemar Marshall has performed at middle linebacker so far?

A: "He has stepped in, taken the defense by the reigns and has done an excellent job. For him to come in and provide the leadership that we need, make the plays, make the calls and get everybody in position, he has done a great job. I take my hat off to him."

Q: Was the team disappointed when Antonio Pierce decided to sign elsewhere?

A: "We were, because we thought he was a true Redskin, the type of Redskin player that Coach Gibbs always talks about. He had been in this organization since the Redskins got out of college. We definitely felt that he would be a mainstay on our team as well as our defense."

Q: What are your thoughts on playing against Antonio this week?

A: "He is a great guy. He deserves all of the benefits and rewards of the play that he has played. He deserves it getting the contract and everything. I wish him the best."

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