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Zorn Continues On Amid New Landscape


Redskins head coach Jim Zorn met the new boss--newly named executive vice president and general manager Bruce Allen--on Thursday morning.

Then he continued the Redskins' preparations for next Monday night's game against the New York Giants.

Zorn continues on, even though he knows the landscape has changed at Redskins Park.

Allen is in, Vinny Cerrato is out.

Cerrato resigned on Thursday.

Zorn's purpose remains the same.

"Living in the present, learning from the past and then pushing forward to what's ahead," Zorn said in his post-practice media session. "Those are the things that are most relevant to my situation as a football coach and the head coach here, and along with our assistants and our football team.

Zorn said he was shocked to hear of Cerrato's resignation.

"This morning, my reaction was a bit shocked because it was the first time I had heard anything with Vinny," he said. "Then later on I had a chance to hear Bruce and we had a chance to sit down before practice and visit. And then we were on our way."

Certainly Allen's hiring--and Cerrato's resignation--impacts Zorn's future with the club.

Replied Zorn: "With me, my concern is Monday night. My concern is with our football team. I won't be able to control that issue except by winning and showing my competency. Then it will be up to the observations and the skills that Bruce has, we just have to leave that up to him."

"I wouldn't speculate what is going to happen over the next three weeks except that I know that Bruce will be working very hard to see the climate and see all of the elements that he's looking for in our football team.

"I hope we have many conversations and I hope we can be compatible and work together and accomplish what the goals are of this football team. That's what I'm hoping for."

Zorn said he would not tinker with the team's play-calling, a process which involves offensive consultant Sherman Lewis, offensive coordinator Sherman Smith and offensive assistant Chris Meidt.

Zorn had called offensive plays until Week 7, when Lewis took over as the primary play-caller.

"I think what we're going to do is keep things the way they are," Zorn said. "They're working--and I like things that work. We're going to try to finish strong and keep things as compatible and efficient as possible."

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