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Zorn Discusses Portis's Comments


Head coach Jim Zorn addressed Clinton Portis's situation following Wednesday's practice at Redskins Park.

The two met on Wednesday morning to discuss Portis's comments on Tuesday on ESPN 980's "The John Thompson Show."

Portis had expressed frustration that he was not on the field for most of the second half of last Sunday's 24-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Zorn said he encouraged Portis to meet with him if he is ever uncertain about his status.

"The real issue is, 'Just come in and talk,'" Zorn said. "There are three people he can talk to. He can talk to me, he can talk to [offensive coordinator] Sherman Smith and he can talk to his position coach Stump Mitchell. All three of us would have had what he needed at that particular time.

"I really believe, as coaches, if players don't come in and be proactive and come to us, sometimes it's hard to read because everybody is upset about a lot."

Later, Zorn said: "Part of [Portis's comments] is just emotion. I think he had some legitimate concerns. I really do. He had some legitimate confusion. The thing I tried to express to him was, 'Just come in. No problem.'"

Portis, who has 1,260 rushing yards through 13 games this season, remains the starter for the Redskins.

He was full-go at Wednesday's practice for the first time in several weeks. He has been battling several injuries, including a sprained knee and a sore neck.

Zorn said he realizes that some of the frustration comes from the team's recent struggles.

"Winning doesn't bring this out, losing does," he said. "It's nothing we deserve. Nobody deserves that. But that's what losing does. Everybody gets upset. Everybody has a feeling. Everybody has an opinion. That's our problem.

"You know what the remedy is to all of this? Winning."

Zorn said he considered the matter over with and added that he has no qualms about Portis continuing to talk on the radio.

Clinton Portis also spoke to the media on Wednesday after practice.

He declined to go into details about his meeting with Zorn, but he said that the two have a good relationship.

"At that moment I did the radio show, I had some stuff built up," Portis said. "After we talked, we're on the same page."

Later, Portis added: "He said what he had to say and I understand his point and where he was coming from."

Asked about his future with the Redskins, Portis joked: "Me and Obama got big plans for the next four years, so I'll be here."

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