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Zorn's Address Highlights Draft Day Party

The Redskins hosted their annual Draft Day Party at FedExField on Saturday, and the team announced 21,256 fans were in attendance.

The event was highlighted by a pre-draft visit from Redskins head coach Jim Zorn, who flew to the stadium via helicopter from Redskins Park.

It was Zorn's first major public appearance since he was hired by the team in early February.

"I expect four things this year," Zorn told the crowd. "The first thing I expect from us, as coaches, is that we give our players the best opportunity be to be successful. Our coaches are planning right now what we're going to try to accomplish this season as a football team.

"I expect our coaching staff to teach, encourage and prod on our players so they can have an excellent football season.

"The second thing I expect is that our division is going to be a real challenge for all of us. The NFC East is a great division and we want to be on top."

At this point, Redskins fans started the familiar chant, "We Want Dallas! We Want Dallas!"

Zorn paused, and said "There we go. We can't wait for that."

Zorn continued: "We have a real challenge in our first game against the defending Super Bowl champions, the New York Giants.

"The third thing I expect is that our players give their very best. Our players are improving themselves right now with the off-season strength and condition program.

"Next week we'll have our first mini-camp. And in that mini-camp, we expect on offense to not only learn, but also to establish a strong running attack. Clinton Portis is here, working out in Washington, and he's getting ready. So I expect our players to work hard and to be very successful.

"My fourth expectation is that all of you to be the 12th man on our football team. I need your burgundy and gold every week and I need roars every week at the right time. We need your support. I've learned what burgundy and gold means in this city.

"I would say this: you fans are just as important, if not m more important, as anything we do on the football field. You have high expectations for us, and we want to live up to those expectations.

"We want you here every week. We want you at away games. We want your support. We want to feel you when we're on the road. You're the 12th man and we have high expectations for you."

Zorn also answered some questions from fans.

How does quarterback Jason Campbell look, one fan asked.

"He is doing well," Zorn replied. "We have been working hard the last month. You will notice the difference. I notice the difference. There are some subtleties that I am excited about. I see his skill level improving. I'm very excited about what he's doing. He's real strong."

What about wide receiver Anthony Mix, another fan asked.

"Is [Mix] big, or what?" Zorn marveled.

He added: "Anthony Mix is going to get an opportunity to perform. We have to get him going, so we can get him to complement what we have with Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El and Chris Cooley. A lot of it's going to be up to him, so we're going to give him every opportunity."

Zorn was joined by defensive coordinator Greg Blache, offensive coordinator Sherman Smith, special teams coordinator Danny Smith and offensive line coach Joe Bugel.

All of the coaches spent time signing autographs and interviewing with media before heading back to Redskins Park for the start of the draft.

When the draft got underway, fans watched the proceedings on the JumboTron and televisions around the stadium.

Fans were also invited on to the playing field to try their hand at throwing and kicking field goals.

Draft party activities included tours of the Redskins locker room, photo opportunities with the Super Bowl trophies and a broadcast by Redskins Radio.

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