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Bone Cortez


My name is Taron Cortez Butler AKA Bone Cortez. I am a self-taught artist, born May 21,1980 & raised in Arlington, VA. I have had a passion for drawing since I could pick up a pencil. As a teenager, I began illustrations for all types of requests, including logos, tattoo art and local t-shirt clothing lines in the DMV area. I am currently creating artwork for various customers and book illustrations as well. A great body of my artwork can be seen & purchased on my webpage.

Describe Your Art Work:

Comic/Detailed Illustrations

Tell Us About Your Piece:

The (Command With Force) piece is a dedication to the DMV area with the Commander himself breaking out into a super hero taking charge with force to be victorious for the culture & the air force jets behind symbolize the take off flight before opening home games.