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Britnee Scott


I am a 33-year-old female visual artist from SE Washington, D.C. Growing up I spent a lot of time drawing cartoon characters and graffiti letters. One of my older cousins taught me how to draw and from that day forward, art became my best friend. I always wanted to attend art school but my parents couldn't really afford it at the time. Since middle school I would draw, paint, and sew on clothing and when I wore garments with my design, my friends would laugh at me. While attending college in Pennsylvania, I had friends who attended the Art Institute, so I would hang there when I could get off campus just to be surrounded by people like myself. Being a self-taught artist is a bit of a challenge, but we have so many resources and ways to learn the knowledge now days so I utilize it as much as I can to learn different artist and techniques. Art is my life, and I am blessed to have this gift.