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Commandalorian Aaron

Commandalorian Aaron

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA


Born and raised in the 757, Commandalorian Aaron grew up watching the team with his mom. Every Sunday during football season they lived and died with every touchdown, every win or loss. The reveal of the Commanders brand also gave birth to the idea of the Commandalorian. In order to bring the Commandalorian to life, armor needed to be built. Aaron took up the art of 3-D printing with the support of fellow Commandalorian Eric Montez and loving wife Lauren. Encouragement from the organization has caused Aaron to keep improving and testing his abilities. Here he is now creating art for the team he grew up loving.


All of my artwork is 3D printed after I custom design the print files on the computer. After that it's all about smoothing it out, painting, and epoxying to give it a smooth glossy finish.


All of the pieces created are all about the new brand and the excitement behind the brand. Especially considering the new brand is what really pushed me into starting this type of design work.