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Demont Pinder

Hometown: Queens, NY


His humble beginnings began in Queens, NY and landed him in his current visual playground of Prince George's County, MD.  Demont is grounded and in tune with his local community, often donating his talent and skills to represent the art industry as the voice of the people recording our triumphs and hardships. As a visual activist he liaison's his brand as the median to highlight racial injustice, youth empowerment, women's equality, and a multitude of today's topics that most would shy away from. Known for his unwavering commitment to vocalizing our conditions from coast to coast, his impact has touch souls worldwide.  Demont represents the voices that have been silenced; "The People's Champ" has advocated and memorialized many fallen brethren such as Philando Castille, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, **Wilson**, and hundreds of others. Presidentially recognized, Mr. Pinder also can be seen on stage with the Icons of this generation capturing the moments in time and immortalizing the vibe through paint, canvas, and distinctive techniques exclusive to his artistic style. As the curator to the culture Demont has embraced his ability to share and spread the message of love and unity while recording society and its heritage universally. As the world felt the impacts of the ramifications of the harsh reality of COVID-19, Demont developed, "Quarantine Bassel" an artistic platform to educate and entertain virtually to the masses, during a worldwide lockdown. He took our minds to a place of normalcy, lessening the impact of reality through art. Through this processes Demont received an unmatched level of support from stars to included, Omari Hardwick, Cello Green, Michael Blackson, and countless others. Never one to shy away the unconventional methods to convey an image or idea, the "King of Fabric" has produced over 50 portraits made entirely of clothing. As with any creator the ability to challenge themselves to go beyond their creative expectations, Demont became a pioneer in iPad art and was the first to showcase this facility to Apple in a live performance. Through television Mr. Pinder has been heavily involved behind the scenes of some today's most watched broadcast and talk shows to include, Fox News, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Monique Show, and was the commissioned artist on the award-winning American Drama Series Power. On the horizon of continuing to inspire the creation of his clothing line, printing company, and mural service is the foundation to continue to inspire humanity through art. His star shines bright and his reach has been expanded beyond what the naked eye can see. This humble artist is on a mission to motivate, inspire, and lead the Youth (Our Future) in positive change through his artwork.


Demont Peekaso Pinder is a world-renowned international artist who chronicles the history of our times through different media. Through his unique expression you can feel his passion in every visual offering he creates.