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Top takeaways from Carson Wentz's press conference

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Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz just addressed the media. Here's a look at the top takeaways from his press conference. 

  • It's been a lot of fun for Wentz to learn more about the Commanders' offense and his fellow teammates. Like everyone else in the NFL, he hasn't had a traditional offseason since 2019, so he likes being able to be around his teammates and get to know them off the field. During practice, he's seen flashes of what he thinks the offense can be. The Commanders are still going through the offseason, and Wentz knows there will be mistakes. Still, he's excited about what he's seen so far. 
  • Wentz believes the Commanders have a "unique" group of skill players. The way the Commanders use their running brings a different dynamic to the passing game, he said, and there is "a lot of speed" at wide receiver. Washington has also used their draft picks in different ways in practices, which is another wrinkle that Wentz has enjoyed. Everyone looks good right now, but players will start to separate themselves once the pads come on during training camp.
  • First-round pick Jahan Dotson has been "awesome," Wentz said. Like others, Wentz observed that Dotson doesn't say much, but he's smart, instinctual and a hard worker. "He catches the football as natural as anyone I've been around," Wentz added, and he plucks the ball out of the air. Based on how he's played, Wentz has high expectations for Dotson once the season begins. He hopes that the two can continue to build on the chemistry they've developed over the past three weeks. 
  • Ron Rivera praised Wentz earlier this week for how well he's picked up the offense. Wentz didn't necessarily push back on that, but he did say that learning a new scheme is always a challenge. At the same time, the game doesn't change depending on which system an offense is using. "You're not inventing the wheel," he said. There are different philosophies on how to attack defenses, and Wentz is excited to learn Scott Turner’s tendencies. That's why he stressed the importance of OTAs. It's a time to learn, grow and get acclimated to each other.
  • In terms of concepts, there aren't many differences between Washington's offense and the systems he ran at Philadelphia and Indianapolis. He did notice that running backs are used more often in the passing game, which speaks to the talents of Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic.  
  • Wentz's fellow quarterback, Sam Howell, made some headlines recently when he revealed that he didn't eat red meat. When asked about Howell's eating habits, Wentz admitted that he didn't know that fact about his teammate. "That's actually news to me. He probably didn't want to admit that in the quarterback. I will be having a word with him tonight on that. That's an issue. We'll have to get that corrected."
  • Wentz's ability has been a key topic of discussion in since he joined Washington, but one particular bit of criticism has revolved around his hesitancy to make check downs. Wentz admitted that everything, the good and the more critical, can be true at one point or another. That's why he's always trying to learn more about himself as a passer, even as he enters his seventh season. He loves throwing downfield, and he's always going to be aggressive. However, there is a fine line that he's always trying to learn to help his team score points. 
  • A lot has been made about Wentz's games against the Eagles for obvious reasons. This year's road matchup against the NFC East rival will be on Monday Night Football. Wentz "naturally" looked at when the games against the Eagles would be, and he expected at least one of them to be on prime time. It should be a fun matchup, he said, but there's plenty of time between now and when he heads back to Lincoln Financial Field for the first time.

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