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Kendall Fuller Has The Best Bragging Rights At The Family Dinner Table

Washington Football Team cornerback Kendall Fuller makes a catch during individual drills in practice on Sept. 2, 2021. (Karlee Sell/Washington Football Team)

The dinner table is the prime spot for bragging rights during holidays. It's a friendly battleground for everyone to talk about what they've accomplished with a little playful elbow nudging to go with it. In a family full of NFL studs, Kendall Fuller has the best claim to fame.

Vincent Fuller II was a five-year pro with six interceptions and four touchdowns; Corey Fuller is currently a scouting assistant for the Carolina Panthers; and Kyle Fuller was a first-round pick by the Chicago Bears. All that sounds pretty good, right?

Kendall is the only brother to win a Super Bowl, though, and that's enough to make you want to keep your head down and focus on eating your dinner. And on top of that, he's the one who supplied the game-winning play.

"It was a crazy experience," Fuller said on "The Players' Club" podcast. "Even just that year. Just going through a lot that year."

Fuller had one of his best seasons after Washington traded him to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018. The next year -- the same year the Chiefs became the eventual Super Bowl victors -- didn't start off as hot. He fought injuries to start the regular season, started in just four games and was inactive for five straight contests.

By the time he had finally come back, Tyrann Mathieu was putting together a First Team All-Pro season. Fuller didn't want to interfere with that, so he decided to fit in where he could so the two could play off each other's skillset. That strategy paid off on the NFL's biggest stage.

The Chiefs were trying to close out a 31-20 victory with 68 ticks left on the clock. The route pattern the 49ers were running was one Fuller and Mathieu had seen on the previous series and already had a plan for how to counter it. If Jimmy Garoppolo tried to air out the ball, Fuller would make the grab. If he threw a bullet, Mathieu would break on the route.

Garoppolo chose the former. He slung the ball to Deebo Samuel in the middle of the field, and Fuller snatched it away before Samuel could get his hands on it. From that point, Patrick Mahomes was able to run out the clock and cap off the win.

"Just to go into that level, that stage, just make a play, it's crazy,'' Fuller said.

Two months later, Fuller was reunited with Washington in free agency. The team is slowly building up to what Kansas City has become, and the hope is that it'll eventually be a Super Bowl contender for years to come.

Winning one Super Bowl already sets Fuller apart from his siblings. Winning another while playing for his hometown team would be even better.

Check out Fuller's full interview on "The Players' Club" podcast, HERE.

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