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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Adds Martin Mayhew, Marty Hurney To Front Office

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Here's a list of the best quotes from the hiring of General Manager Martin Mayhew and Executive Vice President of Football/Player Personnel Marty Hurney, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

The Washington Football Team reshaped its front office Friday by naming Martin Mayhew as general manager and Marty Hurney as executive vice president of football/player personnel.


Here's what head coach Ron Rivera and others have said about Washington's newest executives.

Martin Mayhew

Former Washington return specialist Brian Mitchell on what Martin Mayhew was like as a player:

"I remember him being a very smart player and a guy that knew what he wanted to do. I'll say this, he can predict the future because he said he'll be a general manager in the NFL -- and he already did that -- but now to come back to the team that he played for and won a Super Bowl with. I think a lot of the ways I think about life after football and the business aspect off the field, you know, Martin was the reason I thought that way. I never had a young person, someone my age who thought that way about the other parts of football. He was going to law school, wanted to be a general manager and he's there now. I'm happy to see him back in the burgundy and gold and helping this franchise out."

Ron Rivera on the hiring of Martin Mayhew:

"Martin is a proven general manager who will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization. He will be an integral part of running the daily football operations and will allow me the opportunity to focus more on coaching. He impressed both myself and Mr. Snyder during the interview process and we both believe he will be a tremendous fit here. He is a man of high character and integrity and was part of the rich history and tradition of this great franchise as a member of the Super Bowl championship team in 1991."

NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers beat writer Matt Maiocco on Martin Mayhew, who served as the 49ers' vice president of player personnel the past two seasons:

"He seems to be a very upbeat, likable guy. There's no question in my mind that the experience working with the 49ers, where things didn't always go well on the field for the 49ers, but the organization stuck together. And so, I can't imagine that was anything but a positive experience for Mayhew to kind of see how the operation is run. To be part of an organization that did go to a Super Bowl last season and see how it's supposed to work and knowing that the coaching staff and personnel department have to be an extension of each other, there has to be a tremendous amount of communication. I think there will be a lot of that with Washington. So hey, I say if you're a fan of Washington, you have to be happy with the people in charge of making those decisions."

Former Washington general manager Charley Casserly on Martin Mayhew's versatility as an executive:

"I go back to Detroit, he took over a team that was 0-16. Now no one ever did that before and he took them to the playoffs, the playoffs twice with three different head coaches. He's smart, he has experience in all areas: administration, contract negotiations, salary cap, player personnel, pro and college. This guy was in the XFL, the first XFL and ran operations for them. He has a wide variety of experience, is not an ego guy. He's a team guy, and obviously has some tradition here, so he appreciates what he's walking in to. Excellent hire."

Charley Casserly on how being with the 49ers will help Martin Mayhew here:

"Martin's coming from San Francisco, coach centric. He knows how to operate within that situation. He's worked with different personalities, and I think that's an advantage. So, no matter how the thing is structured, at the end of the day it's a collaborative effort."

Marty Hurney

Ron Rivera when asked about Marty Hurney in December:

"I really appreciated working with him. He's a very hard worker and a very bright man. He knows the game. If you look at what he helped us build in Carolina when he helped us build our run, it's pretty impressive. He pretty much put a lot of pieces into place."

Ron Rivera on the hiring of Marty Hurney:

"Marty Hurney is an excellent evaluator of talent and someone whom I trust and have worked with in the past. He knows the amount of hard work it takes to operate a successful personnel department. Marty has a proven track record as a successful scout and general manager and will be a vital part of shaping our roster. Both myself and Mr. Snyder agreed that he would bring an enormous amount of experience to our operation. It is also fitting that Marty started his career here working for the legendary Bobby Beathard. I look forward to collaborating with both Marty and Martin in the years to come."

Charley Casserly on Martin Mayhew and Marty Hurney:

"Both Martin and Marty, no egos. They get along with everybody, so that's important here. Neither of them are going to care about their name in the paper; they're going to care about winning on Sunday. Marty, when he was in Carolina, as I remember, was very good with first-round picks. He really stood out in that first round, and you can see that in the short time he's was back in his second go around."

Charley Casserly on what Marty Hurney will bring to Washington:

"He's a guy that is smart. He can see the big picture and will work hard. He's on the same page with the head coach. That's huge because he can translate things when things have to get translated when the coach talks about something and someone doesn't understand it, he's the go between. You got a rock solid guy who's a Rivera guy. It's not Ron hiring a friend. It's about Ron hiring a successful general manager he worked for."

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane on what kind of person Marty Hurney is (via the Standig Room Only podcast):

"I wouldn't be in this seat without Mart Hurney. He's a great communicator. He's a CEO, which is what you need. You know a lot of times people are always looking for this personnel guru. Marty is a hard worker but he's also a consensus builder. He's not going to go in there and say it's my way or the highway. He empowers his people. He's not a micromanager or anything like that. He's going to assign you a job and let you do it and he's going to let you say what you think at the end of the day. He knows when he's in charge and when he's got to make the ultimate decision. He's just such a great communicator with people. You're not going to find a better person to the core than Marty Hurney."

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