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Quan Martin's barber skills put him a cut above the rest


Quan Martin has no shortage of traits that make him unique. His 44-inch vertical jump was the best among the hundreds of players at the NFL Combine, and his versatility ensures that he can succeed at any spot on the field. 

Martin's skill with a set of clippers probably wasn't in the Washington Commanders' evaluation of him leading up to the NFL draft, but it might add to his value in the locker room. 

Whenever he wasn't helping shut down offenses as a part of the University of Illinois' dominant secondary, Martin was giving his teammates fresh cuts as the Fighting Illini's unofficial team barber. So, when the Commanders used their second-round pick on the All-Big 10 defensive back, they weren't just getting a player who could elevate their defense; they were also adding some who could add some style to the roster.  

"It's been three years, and I haven't paid for a haircut," Martin told former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot.

Check out the top photos of the Commanders' newest defensive back, Quan Martin, during his college career at Illinois (via The Associated Press)

It started back in 2020, when the world was almost entirely shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like plenty of other people, Martin needed something to fill his time. While others invested more of their energy into their old hobbies, Martin decided to try something new: cutting people's hair.

So, where does someone go to learn a new skill when they're confined to their room? The same place they go under normal circumstances: YouTube.

After watching several tutorials and other videos, Martin felt confident enough to give it a try on his own hair. It was a low-risk situation for him. If the results were good enough, it gave him a chance to show off his new talents, and hey, if he still needed to improve, it would grow back. Plus, it's not like there were many social events for him to attend.

Martin continued cutting his own hair for about a year. Then, he moved on to his roommate. That led to his teammates letting him cut his hair, and of course Martin got the chance to show off the new looks on his Instagram.

You can check out out the results on Martin's page: j.21.martin

For Martin and the rest of the Commanders' rookies, fitting into the locker room is almost as important as finding a role on the field. Comradery is a big part of any locker room, and just as he has done in practice, Martin has a skill that can make him stand out during his first year.

If Martin's new teammates are seeking a new look, they know where to go.

"Oh yeah, man, as much as I can," Martin said when asked about whether he hopes to keep cutting hair.

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