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Top 10 Quotes: 2017 NFL Combine


With the 2017 NFL Combine officially in the books, here's a look back at some of the best quotes from Redskins' brass, NFL analysts and prospects from their week in Indianapolis.

1. Head coach Jay Gruden: "We see [Trent Williams'] progress, we see the progress that he's going to make and we're excited about that. We'd love to have a long-term deal done obviously, and hopefully that will happen here in the near future, but we do like where he's going with his game and we feel good about having him here as a Redskin for a long time."

2. President Bruce Allen: "The core of the team is strong and I do think [Jay] Gruden and his staff have done a great job of developing the right attitude. This team wants to win and now we just have to put in the work in order to get the results."

3. Wide receiver John Ross: "[Jamison Crowder] helped a lot because he showed me how to control my speed, how to calm down and just relax and have fun. Before, I just figured, I am faster than this guy, I can just outrun this guy. All the time, that don't work…It was good for me to get into [it] with DeSean and learn how to use it and when to use it and when to turn it on and when to turn it off."

4. Tight end O.J. Howard: "Jordan Reed is a guy I love to watch, also. He's kind of considered a receiver by a lot of guys, but he runs really good routes. The way he runs routes is fantastic. So I try to steal a lot of things from his book."

5. Safety Jabrill Peppers: "I'm a ball player and I'm a hell of a ball player. And I intend to run fast, I intend to look smooth doing whatever it is I'm asked to do… I'm just gonna keep improving to the best of my ability, stay grounded, ignore all the outside noise, nothing else matters to me, besides what they think and besides the way I play."

6. Running back Christian McCaffrey: "Everybody that I've talked to has told me to enjoy the process. Smile. Be happy. It's so true. You can easily get very tense and tight in situations like this, but this is such an amazing process, it's such a dream come true to even be here and just blessed and fortunate I get to go out here and compete."

7. Defensive end Myles Garrett: "You have to be a game-changer [to be the first overall pick]. You have to be able to turn the tide of a game at any given time. Somebody who, when it's third-and-15 and maybe it's the fourth quarter and we need a stop to get the ball back, they put you in and say you're the guy. That's how good you have to be."

8. Safety Malik Hooker: "I'm a special player capable of doing a lot of things. I had a great coaching staff as well behind me to get me to be the player that I am. I was playing with a lot of special players as well, and I feel like every day I went to practice I was competing against the best of the best. I give a lot of credit to the scout team players and also a lot of the starters on the offense, because without them, I wouldn't get half the looks that I had throughout the year."

9. Running back Dalvin Cook: "I love the game so much because of everything that comes with it: the losing, the winning, the relationships you build in the locker room, the memories that come with it, and it's just everything about it. It's the ultimate team sport so that's why I love the game. Going out there competing with my brothers. Winning or losing, the memories we're going to have in the locker room it's something I'll always remember."

10. NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah: "Defensively [the Redskins] need to get faster and a little more explosive on that side. There is a great direction for them to go and when you look at the guts of this draft you can get all kinds of defensive talent, especially in the secondary.

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