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Top 10 Quotes: Washington Vs. Cowboys, Week 7

With the team's practice prep for the Dallas Cowboys complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:


10. Head Coach Ron Rivera on On if Monday is his last treatment:

"It is. Yes, it is... I met with both doctors this week on Tuesday and Thursday. They both are very positive about the progress I've made. So, so far so good. I've got follow ups, check ups and scans still left to do. What I've been told is it's headed in the right direction."

9. Defensive backs coach Chris Harris on the transition from Troy Apke to Deshazor Everett at free safety:

"The transition, we just kind of wanted to get a little bit more out of the position. Deshazor, he brought some great energy. He's flying around back there. Everything he does, he does it extremely fast. He's kind of a ready-shoot-aim guy. Everything he does is extremely fast. He ran well in the middle of the field last week and even at practice with angles, approaching tackles on the ball. With Troy, Troy's still a work in progress. He's still developing as a free safety. We haven't thrown him out at all. He's still a work in progress, and we're still developing him. I still think he has the tools to be an efficient free safety in the National Football League."

8. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner on if Sunday's game is an opportunity for an offensive breakout:

"What I've told our guys week in and week out is that if we trust the process. If we continue working and trying to get better, then that quote unquote breakout game is going to come. Or, we're just going to start consistently performing at the level we expect to here. That's really more so. Every game is going to present a different set of challenges...We're just trying to play our best, focus on ourselves and play as well as we possibly can. I think the rest of that stuff takes care of itself."

7. Rivera on Kendall Fuller's versatility:

"We know his ability to play not only on the outside corner, but the nickel and the safety spot. We kind of figured we'd take a look at what we had, see what we had, see how it all kind of meshes and then go from there. Having him at the outside corner gives us a very savvy guy. When you do put him at the nickel position, you do have a guy that has potential to play inside and to be quick with those guys. Then you put him at the safety, and you've got a guy who's basically a ballhawk-type player."

6. Rivera on if Sunday's game is a must-win situation:

"I think they're all must-win, to be honest with you. But, yeah, this is important. I've used this phrase before and I've told the players: 'This is the most important game we'll play as of now because it's more and more about the play.' That's the focus that we have to have because it is important. It's within the division. I've said it, if you want to win the division you have to win within the division."

5. Del Rio on allowing fewer points in the third quarter:

"If you hadn't said it was fraudulent, I would've said it was all these great halftime adjustments. But obviously you're touching on something. To me we've got to start faster as a defense and as a team. That's something that we've highlighted and put an emphasis on. I believe we are making strides, and we'll find out. That's certainly an area when you look at all the things that have to get done -- starting faster is something that clearly is something that we've got to get done. We're going to work hard to get that done."

4. Rivera On Terry McLaurin as a mentor to younger players:

"His leadership skills are tremendous. He's a very quiet leader. He does lead by example. He's a young pro. A lot of young guys come in and they don't know how to act, they don't know how to prepare, they don't know how to take care of themselves. Terry's one of those guys that prepares the right way every day. He's one of those guys that understands how to take care of himself, how to prevent injuries, how to take care of injuries. He's a young pro. We have some young guys that could learn from just watching him. I think Isaiah Wright could learn from him. [Antonio Gandy-Golden] could learn from him. Heck, we're playing a young man named Tony Brown—he could learn from him. Jeff Badet, those guys could learn from him. Those guys could take from what he does in terms of his actions."

3. Harris on how Rivera has handled his treatment:

"Seeing him go through what he's going through and still seeing him come out here to work every day, it's actually inspiring. I understand that the whole chemotherapy thing, that's rough on your body. It completely zaps you. To see him do that and then be out there at practice coaching, it's actually refreshing to see. The guys actually enjoy seeing it. I tell them: 'You don't have anything to complain about. You really don't.' I let our guys know: 'If you think you have it bad, you don't. We've got a head coach who's battling cancer and going through chemo every single week, and he's dedicated enough to where he goes and does that, it zaps the living life out of him and he's out here with you guys every single day as much as he can.' It's been an inspiration to me as well as to the team."

2. Kyle Allen on his mentality:

"I wouldn't call it gunslinger. I think it's more of a mental toughness than anything. I think you're right by saying that. I think it's just developed over my career. If you look back on my career and what I've kind of gone through—a highly-touted recruit, go to [Texas] A&M, I battle it out, I get benched, I transfer, I get benched, I go to the league as an undrafted guy where you kind of have to have that mental toughness and battle through those kinds of stuff to even have a chance. It's kind of just become who I am as a player. I think I'm a lot better just for going through those things. I think it shows up a lot on Sundays now. So, I think the mental side of the game obviously at quarterback from decision making is huge, but at the same time the mental toughness part is just as big, and I pride myself in that area."

1. Rivera on trusting his gut instincts:

"It is for me. That's probably why it looks inconsistent. One thing that I've learned is you have to treat everybody fairly, but you're not going to be able to treat everybody the same. Well, it's the same thing with our situations. You treat each situation as it comes along, and that's kind of where we are. So, when I get into those situations, I will go by my gut. I will go by the feel. I'm going to draw on my experience. I've been fortunate enough to be in this league for 35 years. So, as I go through it, I'm going to make decisions based on what I think, first of all, is best for us. That's my fiduciary responsibility is to do things that are best for this organization that I believe is going to help us going forward. That's why I make the decisions that I make. It does look a little inconsistent, but the consistency is that I'm going to make them based on what I know, on my gut feeling on things. Hopefully, they're good decisions. If they're not, we'll know and I'll take responsibility, that's for doggone sure."

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