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Top 10 Quotes: Bye Week

Quarterback Kyle Allen (left) and wide receiver Terry McLaurin during the Washington Football Team's game against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 25, 2020. (Elijah Walter Griffin Sr./Washington Football Team)
Quarterback Kyle Allen (left) and wide receiver Terry McLaurin during the Washington Football Team's game against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 25, 2020. (Elijah Walter Griffin Sr./Washington Football Team)

With the team on its bye, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:

10. Head coach Ron Rivera on tight end Logan Thomas:

"I think people are sleeping on Logan [Thomas], mostly because Logan is just learning to play the position. He's a guy who was a quarterback in college who they've been trying to transition the last couple years. Detroit had him at tight end. We got a chance to watch his tape. I know Pete Hoener, our tight ends coach, really liked him and really pushed for him and has really worked with him and helped develop him. He's done a heck of a job. Logan, I think, is a guy who can continue to grow in his role for us. I'm pretty excited about that."

9. Linebacker Cole Holcomb on his interception against the Cowboys:

"I knew I was getting an angle route on that play, and I knew if I got beat on this angle route my coaches would have me go sit on the sidelines. So when he threw it behind him a little bit, I was very thankful. You can put it that way. It just popped up right to me. I was fortunate to make that play."

8. Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio on the performance of defensive end Chase Young:

"I think Chase is playing great. He's not getting the numbers necessarily right now that would represent the impact that he's having on the game. I think he's playing very well for us. He's forceful on his side of the ball. He's had multiple games where the beneficiary is Jonathan Allen. The unselfishness for him to do some things, game-wise, for him to free up his teammate and things like that. I think he's impactful in the run game. I think he's a really good football player. I just want him to continue to be able to do what he does."

7. Rivera on the team responding to what he's asking for:

"I think the biggest thing is it just shows them what they're capable of doing. That's probably the biggest thing. When you challenge these guys, they find out exactly what they can do. If they realize and see what they can do and they're capable of it, it gives them confidence going forward. That's what we're trying to build here. We're trying to build a culture and part of it is just playing with confidence and understanding how important it is to play with confidence."

6. Quarterback Kyle Allen on wide receiver Terry McLaurin's impact so far this season:

"I challenged Terry earlier in the year to be a leader, because he's got it in him. He's a game breaker player, but he also cares a lot. There's a lot of really good receivers in this league who don't care as much as does, and you can tell that he wants to be a leader. He wants to win, he doesn't want to just get his, he wants to win, so I think Terry has really stepped up, just from the leadership position. Like you said, there's a lot of turnover in the receiver room but he's that steady piece. Whoever we got in there in the game, he's going to make sure they're right."

5. McLaurin on what the Cowboys' win does for this team:

"It feels great. But now we've set the bar, we've set the standard. We know what that looks like now. We know every week is not going to be perfect, but we have weeks like this against good football teams and it's in your division. It gives you a lot of confidence as a football team, and we just have to build on that going forward going into this bye week. We can learn from what we didn't do great this week and get ready for another division game at home after this bye week. There's no time to kind of celebrate everything. It's nice that we have this bye week coming up, but we set that bar really high. And we have to live up to that, and that starts with how we prepare and come out and practice."

4. Allen on the team's identity:

"It's just the toughness. I think it's a grit, you know. It starts with our head coach. Our head coach is going through cancer right now. He's getting treatment, he's getting chemo, and then he's showing up the next day at work. He's setting the example for us and it's right in front of our eyes, and I just want to do my part and I think everyone on this team wants to do their part, too, and transfer that onto the field. You want to see that toughness, you want to see that grit, you want to see that fight. And there's going to be mistakes made. We're a young team and new coaching staff, but we can overcome those mistakes by fighting hard and playing four quarters."

3. Tackle Morgan Moses on his mindset entering the bye week:

"I really honestly wish I could just play the Giants right now instead of taking this bye week, because the momentum is so high. You can feel the togetherness in the locker room. We've preached about it since Game 1. We have to go out there and play complimentary football. We lose the coin toss, we get the ball first, we go down and drive the ball down to the half-inch mark. We had a turnover, but it showed we can move the ball on [Dallas'] defense. We talked about starting fast, and we were able to do that."

2. Defensive tackle Jonathan Allen on being consistent:

"We played a great game [against the Cowboys], but that doesn't define who we are as a team. We've got to do it consistently. We had a great game, but are we a good enough team to do it consistently? That's when you start to define who you are as a team and who you are as an organization. So we definitely took a step in the right direction, but nobody's satisfied, nobody's relieved. We expect it. We expect to play well every time we touch the field, and when we do it, we expect to do it again."

1. Offensive coordinator Scott Turner on Rivera completing his final cancer treatment:

"His strength is unmatched. I'm happy for him that that stuff is over. I know these next couple days are going to be tough, just recovering from that. We're here for him and really happy for him that he's pushed through that. I think everybody, whether it's our support staff or our coaching staff or our players, we're all behind Coach and we feel for him going through this tough time."

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