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Top 10 Quotes: Week 11, Redskins Vs. Saints


With the team's practice prep for the Saints complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10."With Rob out now, it's on me and [Samaje Perine], and we just got Byron [Marshall], and that's three to fill the void and just go out there and do whatever we can do to help us win games. It's tough to have Rob out on IR now. It's almost like having a brother not in the room with you every single day."

*  - Running back Chris Thompson, on missing Rob Kelley*


  1. **"I mean, last week, sometimes when you get in those Fridays [with] red zone and stuff and being inside, we didn't have a great red zone day. But, overall, we didn't contribute on Sunday. So we have got to do a better job in the red zone. But overall, it was a good, hearty practice. People were getting ready and looking forward to it."

*  - Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky, on how practices felt this week*

8. "I was just leaving the building, we had just gotten out of meetings. But I was happy. You know, Philly is doing their thing over there and everything, but I was ready to play. It felt like I had an opportunity to be up [on the active roster] over there and just didn't get the call. So, my agent called me and told me that I was up over here, so just went home and packed ASAP and drove down [to Ashburn, Va.]."

*  - Running back Byron Marshall, on where he was when he got the call from the Redskins*

7. "Yeah, he's always been a great competitor in practice. In training camp, he was making plays. It just went unnoticed by a lot of people, but not by us. He's a great all-around football player – very quarterback-friendly. He's where he's supposed to be.

*  - Head coach Jay Gruden, on what he's seeing from wide receiver Maurice Harris now that eyes are on him*


6.** "I don't know, but we've stood toe-to-toe with a lot of good teams in this league. We said it before we ever played a game that the margin for error is very small and the difference between teams that go 10-6 and 6-10 is very little. We knew that going into the season and, unfortunately, in some of those tight games we've come out on top and some of them we haven't. Hopefully here in this stretch of seven games, we can be the ones that come out on top."

*  - Quarterback Trent Williams, on if there is a benefit to having a tough early schedule*

* *

5."I've been playing football for quite some time now, so I just do whatever they need me to do. Whether it's blocking, catching passes, whatever it is I'll try my best to make it happen and I can only do my very best. That's all I have. As far as executing goes, we have guys like Niles Paul and Jeremy Sprinkle, those guys can get it done. It's not a lot of pressure. I don't put everything on myself because we have a lot of talented players that can get it done. That's the unique thing about this team. Team atmosphere. We have other guys that we can rely on and I don't have to put all the baggage on myself."

*  - Tight end Vernon Davis, on how he's dealt with the injuries to the team*

4."This guy is like a 'Space Jam' kind of thing. He's got the whole magical ball right now. He's got his powers. He's a great guy, and an even better football player."

* - Cornerback Josh Norman, on Maurice Harris's playmaking ability*

* *


3.** "It feels good, obviously, to work hard on practice squad and get moved up and stuff. I mean, I'll just keep working and not letting it get to me and keep doing what I'm doing and practicing hard and working hard."

*  - Wide receiver Maurice Harris, on being activated to the 53-man roster*

* *

2."Well, they have the right to say what they want to. We're just going to have to go out there and show them on Sunday."

*  - Defensive lineman Anthony Lanier, on people picking against the Redskins*

1. "Yeah, any time you're playing a Hall of Famer, a G.O.A.T., you want to have your best game, you want to pick him off, you want to get a Drew Brees ball. As a secondary, this is the best challenge we can have coming off the week we just had, to go up against a legend this week and have a great performance, it's the mindset and the goal that we can all focus, pay attention to details and prepare, we can make that happen."

*  - Safety D.J. Swearinger, on facing quarterback Drew Brees*

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