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Top 10 Quotes: Week 16, Redskins Vs. Broncos


With the team's practice prep for the Broncos complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10. "Well, not really with the guys that we've had injured of course. You don't wish upon that. But from our standpoint we are growing I think each and every week. We have our ups and downs but overall it's a process – wherever I've been – of trying to get that implemented across the board and we are working to it. Hopefully it will have success down the road."

*  - Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, on if the defense is what he thought it would be*


  1. **"I mean, my mindset right now is to go out there on Sunday and make some plays, do what we need to do to win. I think you kind of start reflecting more after those two games, but right now it's still grind mode, still going out there and competing and having fun."

*  - Cornerback Jonathan Allen, on how he reflects on the season*

8."It means a lot. I mean, it never gets old. Every time it feels like the first time. I'm super excited, especially fighting through what I had to fight through the whole season to still be able to get that nod, it meant a lot to me."

*  - Left tackle Trent Williams, on making his sixth Pro Bowl*

7."It's hard to be on the active roster in the National Football League. There's a thousand guys out there that wish to get the opportunity. I'm just grateful I got one."

*  - Safety Fish Smithson, on being activated to the 53-man roster*


  1. **"If we can give them something to cheer for and come back with a win for them, so they can have that Christmas time, that Christmas day the next morning be more sweeter, open their presents and get Redskins gear. Continue that going, and hopefully we can carry out this win come Sunday. That's our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations. We hope that will come true for us."

*  - Cornerback Josh Norman, on playing Christmas Eve*

* *

5."I just hope and believe that we can finish strong as a team and just do it for the fans. Do it for them and show them that we appreciated everything that they do for us and all the support, them being in our corner. When things are not looking pretty, they're still there and they're supporting us, so we want to show them that we're going to work hard for you guys and go out and finish strong."

*  - Tight end Vernon Davis, on his Christmas wish for Redskins fans*

* *

4."It says a lot about not only this season but their body of work that they have put together for years now. It says a lot about our organization, the scouting staff, their ability to draft. Three of those players were drafted here and two of them were signed in free agency recently. So it really reflects good decisions by our entire organization bringing those guys in and developing them. Hopefully we continue to have people in the Pro Bowl discussion year in and year out."

*  - Quarterback Trent Williams, on his reaction to his teammates being selected to the Pro Bowl*

* *


  1. **It's been kind of up and down. We obviously had high expectations coming into the year and we haven't lived up to them, because we can't have a winning record now, so obviously we're not going to have as good of a record as we did last year. With the injuries we've had, I feel like guys have tried their best to stay the course, and for the most part have done a pretty good job.

*  - Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, on how he characterizes the season*

* *

2."I think he keeps himself in unbelievable shape. He should do his own workout videos, really. I mean, he's unbelievable. I haven't seen any wear and tear on him. He hasn't slowed down and he's still strong at the point of attack, so I haven't seen it."

*  - Head coach Jay Gruden, on Vernon Davis showing any wear and tear*

1."Larry is always trying to talk. Always trying to talk in the middle of the play. It just got to a point where I'm like 'Larry, shut up and go back to the huddle, man. Stop trying to ask us what's the question, trying to clown people' and he's just a fun guy. That's Larry, man. But, after a while, I'm like 'Larry, stop talking to us and go to your huddle.'"

*  - Safety D.J. Swearinger, on what he said to Larry Fitzgerald in the Cardinals game*

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