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Top 10 Quotes: Week 17, Redskins Vs. Giants


With the team's practice prep for the Giants complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10."We love him, we think he's the best when it comes to leadership and just being a benevolent person. He's awesome, he's been incredible. As far as him staying here, I'm not sure what he'll do. I'm not sure what moves the upper management is trying to make at the moment to try and keep him here. Like I said before, we love him here and the organization loves him, so I want to leave it in their hands to make the best decision."

*  - Tight end Vernon Davis, on Trent Williams becoming a free agent after the season*

* *


  1. **"We're doing it for the coaches. The focus is to finish 8-8, so it isn't about individual accomplishments. It's about playing for the guy next to you, making sure these coaches are straight."

*  - Wide receiver Ryan Grant, on closing out the season with a win*

* *

8."That'd be a great present, even though it's going to come next weekend, but it'll be great to just finish out with double digits for the first time in my NFL career. That's what I'm aiming for, but we've got to go out there and play hard. It's not about me, I'm going to go out there and do my job and try my best to get it."

*  - Linebacker Preston Smith,* on possibly finishing the season with 10 sacks

* *

7.You need those guys, and to trust on Ryan that he's going to play, I mean, he's going to do everything he can. Overall, for what he's done from playing for such a long time, even last year with his elbow – two times, he actually hurt it – it's just great to have those guys and you know you can always rely on them."

*  - Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, on linebacker Ryan Kerrigan playing every game of his career*

* *


  1. **"We do have a game left, so I guess [give] everything that you have and you got to put all your chips into that and make that your playoff game, make that your game to go all in and finish the season on a good note. 8-8 is a good thing, well for us it's not, but I think that's going to take itself on to the next season and look forward to something greater than what we are right now."

*  - Cornerback Josh Norman, on staying focused in Week 17*

* *

5."I'm a very composed person. I treat the games like practice. I try to be as consistent as possible every day, so that when the games comes on, it's not like you're turning on the light, it's like you've already been there. That's how I go about every day, same mindset, I'm going to stay composed. It's routine. You want a smooth transition, you don't want it to be like 'Ooh, I'm in front of all these people.' That's never been me."

*  - Tight end Manasseh Garner, on preparing for his first game on the active roster this season*

* *

4."I've been working with him for a long time now and we've put a lot of time and a lot of work together with one another trying to get him better, and he's made me better. So that's worked out very well. Of course, he knows that we want him back, but at the end of the day, like I said, agents, everybody gets involved and he's got to make a decision for himself."

*  - Head coach Jay Gruden, on* how he's conveyed to Kirk Cousins that he wants him to return

* *


  1. **"I think everything I say I stand behind and I mean it. Why would you not want to be a part of a winning brand? Why would you not build for the future? In any place you are, why would you not think ahead and think about, 'If I'm here, what do I want? The future that I am going to live into, what do I want that to look like?' So I think we all live in the present and we also look to the future at the same time trying to build a better place for whatever we are doing."

*  - Quarterback Kirk Cousins, on* if he believes the job requires acting like a politician

* *

2."I'm thankful for a little bit of everything, honestly. I'm just thankful for my family, I've got family that came up to the game, so they'll be at home when I get there. I'm just thankful for all the people that support me. Just thankful for all the positive vibes that's around me right now. So, I guess that's one of the many things that I'm thankful for."

*  - Wide receiver Jamison Crowder, on what he's thankful for during the holidays*

* *

1."I want to enjoy those two weeks. I haven't been a part of a season yet where we won the last game. We made the playoffs [then] we lost. Then we went 3-13, 4-12 and last year lost in the last game. So I want to walk away from a season with a win, that way I can drive home, go back to west Michigan or Atlanta or wherever we are going and at least just feel good for a couple weeks before we then look at the big picture and move on."

*  - Quarterback Kirk Cousins, on wanting to win the final game of the year*

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