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Top 10 Quotes: Week 2, Redskins Vs. Rams


With the team's practice prep for the Rams complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10. "He is organized and detailed, number one. He was with me and my brother in Tampa and he was with me in the UFL, so he knew what I like to run. Very smart, very detailed. He also had a good grasp on what they did here in previous years with Robert [Griffin III] and Kirk [Cousins]. So we tried to kind of mix and mingle our two systems together. He was a big part of that, so I felt good about him calling plays and we scripted together – well, not scripted, but we game planned together – and got our situational stuff down. So it was a steady, good flow that he had about him. I didn't have to step in a whole lot. I did from time-to-time, but he is a good play caller. We just kind of let him roll with it."

*          - Head coach Jay Gruden, on having confidence in Rams head coach Sean McVay*


9.** "It's his first go-around. I think he's going to learn, just like every player and coach does from every year that they compete in. He's going to get better over the year and we're expecting great things from him."

         - Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky, on Jonathan Allen's first game

8."He has a lot of different variations, a lot of different stuff he's going to throw out at you. It's something that we've been going against since I've been here the last three years. It's going to be exciting. It's a big game in L.A., in the Coliseum. That's what you dream about. It's going to be fun and we'll be prepared."

         - Linebacker Mason Foster, on preparing for the Rams

7. "So many third and long plays we just got to make sure we take him down and get the sacks, because a lot of their plays came from broken plays, from being outside the pocket and us missing the sacks. If we get those sacks its totally different, we just got to make sure next time we go against them, our goal we think about is 'We got to make sure we get the quarterback to the ground.'"

         - Linebacker Zach Brown, on executing on third down plays

6."It doesn't even matter about last year. If it's on my schedule next, I'm going to prepare for you the best I know how. I'll continue to prepare and be ready on Sunday."

          - Safety D.J. Swearinger, on not being as familiar with McVay's offense


  1. **"I'm pretty sure they have something new cooked up for us. He knows what coach Gruden knows. They have something cooked up, they have a game plan. We just have to go out there, play technique, and be fundamentally sound as far as doing things right. There's going to be a couple runs, a couple passes that we're not going to see. We just make sure we play our technique and that will lead us in the right direction."

           - Defensive lineman Ziggy Hood, on the Rams' offense

4."Sean meant a lot to my career. I signed a jersey for him when he left and it just said – and there's a lot of people I could say this to but certainly to him – I just said 'I owe you my career,' and then signed it. I certainly appreciate the hard work he gave to our team and as a result, gave me an opportunity to be successful and it was just a smart hire by Jay [Gruden] to bring him in in the first place at his age."

            - Quarterback Trent Williams, on what McVay meant to him


  1. **"I don't know, man, I'm just going to do what I do every week. I'm going to go home and get a massage. Then I'm going to eat, then I'm going to sleep. Pretty much what we do. Constant routine. I don't know, I might get my Thursday movie in."

          * - Cornerback Josh Norman, on preparing to travel to Los Angeles*

2."No, I haven't [talked to him]. It's a game week, man. I'm playing him right now. We aint friends."

            - Cornerback Bashaud Breeland, on facing his former Clemson teammate Sammy Watkins

1."I wish he would have held out another week, but that's the life in the NFL. Nowadays, everybody has these D-lines who are souped up, so we just have to bring our hard hat. It's going to be another tough one."             - Left tackle Trent Williams, on Aaron Donald returning to the Rams

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