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Top 10 Quotes: Week 6, Redskins Vs. 49ers


With the team's practice prep for the 49ers complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10. "Everything flows better because he's had the time, he's had the experience, now he's in this offense that we've had for three years, so he knows the ins and outs of the offense. With being able to read defenses and stuff, that just comes with time. Since he's been here, now this is his sixth year, he just feels more comfortable and his play has been showing it."

*  - Running back Chris Thompson, on Trent Williams' growing confidence*


9.** "Just take it one day at a time, one game at a time, one practice at a time, it's a long season no matter where the Bye Week's at. We really just can't look -- the season gets daunting sometimes when you zoom out too far, you really just got to focus on the process every day."

*  - Center Spencer Long, on the 12-week stretch the team faces*

8. "It's a huge step just to get back in there and actually do some work. I was doing nothing for a week and a half, almost two weeks. Laying down, taking it easy, and now I get back in the weight room for the first time today. It was a big step for me."

*  - Cornerback Josh Norman, on starting to rehab after his injury*

7. "I think we can get better. I think each and every day that we step on the field, we have got to get better. Yesterday wasn't a great day. Today was a better day. So we are always looking towards the future and towards the opponents that we have. The sky is the limit for the guys. I think we are talented up front. I think we are talented in the back end and the linebackers. So it is where they want to take it, not so much me."

*  - Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, on his evaluation of the defense after four games*


6.** "I think people are confident. I think around here, regardless of the year, I think everybody should be confident that things are going to happen good. That hasn't changed. But I think everybody can see the talent on the tape a little bit more clearly offensively, defensively, and special team-wise. I think we're better at all three phases."

*  - Head coach Jay Gruden, on the improvements the team has made*

5. "This is the NFL, everybody has talent. Everybody's good, everybody can win on any given day. We're not going to let their record hinder our thoughts on what type of team they are. We're definitely going to come out there and compete and expect a battle."

*  - Cornerback Jonathan Allen, on not taking the 49ers lightly*

4. "He's an exceptional guy, he makes plays on the ball and, as well, he runs his routes hard. It's going to be a good task, I'm all for it."

*  - Cornerback Bashaud Breeland, on facing wide receiver Pierre Garçon*


Check out these photos of the Redskins' offense preparing for their Week 6 game against the San Francisco 49ers Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.

3.** "It's been a while since I've ran into the San Francisco 49ers," Davis said this week. "It's going to be great. I look forward to it. It's going to be great to see some of the people that I had an opportunity to cultivate relationships with when I got drafted, so that will be nice. I can't wait for that."

*  - Tight end Vernon Davis, on facing his former team*

2. "Matt Cavanaugh was a quarterback for the 49ers back in the day for two games. [He] got benched for the terrible Joe Montana [laughing], if you can believe that. I'm sure he is ticked off. So there is a lot of reason to be motivated. He has probably a little bit more reason, so to speak, as do we. We are all very hungry for this one and I'm sure they are too."

*  - Head coach Jay Gruden, on the reunions happening this Sunday*

1. "It's always good to see people that you play with, your friends doing well, doing what they love. It's always good. But at the same time, I'm a Redskin, and anybody on the other side of the field, I don't like them on gameday, so it's time to go play."

*  - Linebacker Mason Foster, on reuniting with former teammates this Sunday*

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