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Top 10 Quotes: Week 7, Redskins Vs. Eagles


With the team's practice prep for the Eagles complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

10. "We just got to sack him, make him frustrated, bat the balls down, get him off a rhythm, don't let him complete the short passes and let him get going."

*  - Linebacker Zach Brown, on containing quarterback Carson Wentz*

9. "I missed a lot of time during the offseason. I feel like I'm just getting back. Still not feeling 100 percent. Just got to keep working and stay focused."

*  - Tight end Jordan Reed, on how he feels physically*


8.** "We have got a lot of guys on the roster that are going to fill that spot. It is not going to fill it totally like Allen would, but Anthony has been doing a pretty good job. We are going to mix in and out different guys to see what those guys have. But Lanier has been improving each and every week and we are looking forward to him getting on the field and playing the game."

*   - Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, on how the defense will make up losing Jonathan Allen*

7. "He has all the ability in the world and he's capable of doing the same job, if not better. And we believe that he's going to have a good game this game, because we trust in him and are going to be behind him each step of the way."

- Defensive lineman Ziggy Hood, on how Anthony Lanier II will fill in for Jonathan Allen


6.** "I think me getting all the carries, I think it wouldn't benefit the team, especially at this point. You've got Chris [Thompson] playing out of his mind right now. Why would you do that? But, whatever coach needs, I'm there for. If you need me to run the ball the whole time, I can run the ball the whole time. If you want me to split carries I can do that too. It's whatever."

- Running back Rob Kelley, on returning to the field on Monday

5. "It allowed me to sit back and re-love the game, refocus and just work on things that I needed to work on, on and off the field. I had a lot of things going on at the time, being a parent was one. It's sixth months of just kind of like doing nothing. It was a non-weight bearing injury. I always tell people it was probably the most important time of my career. It was the turning point of my career in a good way."

- Right tackle Morgan Moses, on dealing with his own Lisfranc injury three years ago


4.** "They didn't even tell me anything, so I came with a backpack, so I've got two t-shirts and a pair of shorts, that's all. I've got to go to the mall today and get some socks."

- Kicker Nick Rose, on his abrupt contract with the team

3."We have a core group of guys that are still here and healthy and those are the guys that are going to lead the way. We have good, strong leadership in place and those are the guys who are going to get the guys who are younger or haven't played a lot … they're going to get them ready to play."

- Head coach Jay Gruden, on how the team is responding to its injuries

2. "When we had that rushing touchdown at the end of the game, I kept the ball and put that in his nursery. So we have got that there and now my wife now wants it to get painted up to say 'Cooper's game ball.' So we will see what we can do there. Hopefully there will be many more games like it and I told my wife that I would like to play long enough to where he can come to a game and remember it and have that memory. So hopefully I can play long enough where he can see me play and remember it."

- Quarterback Trent Williams, on having his son Cooper attend last Sunday's game

1. "I've never been on PUP, so I kind of didn't know really what to expect. But, it's definitely given my body a chance to really heal. I felt like I probably could have been back a lot earlier, but I think sound advice from the doctor's was to just wait as long as we could and really give it a chance to heal and give myself a chance to be successful and to go out there really pain-free. I've followed their instructions to a tee and I feel great."

- Safety DeAngelo Hall, on returning to practice this week

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