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Top quotes from Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes

VAIDEN, MS - April 27, 2023 - Former Mississippi State Cornerback Emmanuel Forbes Jr. (#13) receives the phone call from the Washington Commanders during the 2023 2023 NFL Draft at Deep South Game Ranch in Vaiden, MS. Photo By Kevin Snyder
VAIDEN, MS - April 27, 2023 - Former Mississippi State Cornerback Emmanuel Forbes Jr. (#13) receives the phone call from the Washington Commanders during the 2023 2023 NFL Draft at Deep South Game Ranch in Vaiden, MS. Photo By Kevin Snyder

The Washington Commander took Mississippi State cornerback Emmanuel Forbes with their first-round pick last night, and since then he has spoken to the media and the team's content department. Here are some of the best quotes from his press conferences.

On how it feels to be selected by the Washington Commanders:

"It's exciting. Honestly, just ready to get to work with the team and win games."

On what it was like to get the call from Head Coach Ron Rivera:

"It was really exciting, honestly, just knowing it's changing my life helping me and my family out and I'm just ready to get to work with the team."

On why he has been such a ball hawk at the corner position:

"It just came from always having the ability, it came from high school being a receiver, so I had a knack for the ball, honestly. And it just translated over to the DB position if I feel like I can get my hands on him and try to go pick it. So that just helped me out a lot."

On what he's going to bring to the Commanders:

"I'm going to bring a guy that's going to have a great attitude, come in and work every day, just helping the team win games and hopefully my game is turning the ball over and create a lot of turnovers for the Washington commanders."

On if he's comfortable at his weight:

"Weight is going to come over time. I'm not going to stress about it, they didn't have a problem with it, that's why they drafted me, so I'm just going to enjoy it and just keep on being myself and trying to gain weight but be comfortable."

On something a lot of teams talked to him about during the pre-draft process:

"Honestly, they didn't really care too much about my weight because I can play ball. That's all that matters and it never affected my game, so it really didn't play a factor."

On what about the 30-visit stood out to him:

"Honestly, just the people, they were really nice. They were really caring about people. I could tell that. And I knew they were ready to work. They looked like they come in and work. Ready to get better each and every day. And it's something that we need."

On how he would describe his game:

"I'm a ball-hawking, physical cornerback, honestly. I'm gonna get the ball. I'm gonna go score with it. That's something I pride myself on, and that's what I plan on doing at Washington."

On his size:

"I've never once gotten on the field thinking about my size and what I can or what I can't do. I just go out there and play ball. That's something I did all my life, and I don't have anything to say to it. I let my play do all the talking."

On how it feels to be in the building: 
"It just feels surreal, you know?  Came here for a 30 visit and enjoyed it. Met some great people and now I'm here for good now and just ready to go to work." 
On the reaction has been with his family, friends and former teammates: 
"Oh, they was excited. They are just ready to see the journey, honestly. They know what type of person I am and how hard of worker I am. They know I'm going to do good wherever." 

On what point in his career he thought he could be a first round pick: 
"I would say after my freshman season. Did really well in the SEC with an all SEC schedule and after that I was just like, yeah, I can do this for a long time at the highest level." 

On what his biggest improvement to his game has been in recent years: 
"Honestly, just getting mentally stronger, honestly, that's all it is. I try to play the game above the neck and that's helped me out a long way. That's how I'm here right now." 

On where he grew most last season:  
"Honestly just staying focused more, more focused and putting myself in a better position to make plays on the ball." 

On going up against great receivers in the SEC and if any of them stand out:  
"I wouldn't say a matchup stands out, but you know as you see, you're going against the best receivers week in and week out, no matter who you playing and that just how is it gonna be in the NFL. You're going against the best of the best and you gotta come prepared, honestly." 

On if he is more comfortable with one type of defense over another:  
"Honestly, at Mississippi State we had a lot of different coverages, so you had to be comfortable in all of 'em. So I wouldn't just give a specific I'm good at man or good at zone. It's a combination of both of 'em." 

On self-correcting mistakes:  
"It's kind of how I'm programmed. I would give credit to my DB coach back at State Darcel McBath. He helped me out a lot knowing that you always have something to work on and always have something that you can like focus in on."

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