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Top 10 Quotes: the Saints are marching in

Ricky Seals-Jones makes a block during the Washington Football Team's practice on Oct. 7, 2021. (Karless Sell/Washington Football Team)
Ricky Seals-Jones makes a block during the Washington Football Team's practice on Oct. 7, 2021. (Karless Sell/Washington Football Team)

The Washington Football Team comes back to FedExField to take on the New Orleans Saints. Here are some of the top quotes from the week, presented by GEICO.

Scott Turner on how Terry McLaurin has grown:
"It's hard to say, I mean he's improved a lot. He already was really good at a lot of things, and he's improved a lot as a route runner. There's a lot of intricacies that maybe you don't necessarily see. He's getting a lot more consistent with his contested catches. I think we talked about that last week. I mean, those have been outstanding and it's hard to say whether he's improved on it or he's just had more opportunities to show it, you know, because I think he was pretty good at that in the past. I think his just overall physical strength has improved and I think that shows up with a lot of the things I was talking about. But I mean, he's such a grinder, so he just keeps growing in every area and he does a great job of kind of showing leadership now that he's getting to be more of a veteran player."

Jack Del Rio on the Saints QB position:
"Jameis is a very capable player. He's had a lot of production in this league. He's definitely got the arm talent, put the ball anywhere on the field. He's the guy that's got more elusiveness maybe than he's given credit for. So, he does a nice job keeping plays alive, things like that. So we're getting ready for the best the Saints have to offer. [Saints Head Coach] Sean Payton has done a great job with that organization for many years. They continue to have a strong team."

Ron Rivera on if he feels Jamin Davis is ready to fill the role of an injured Jon Bostic:
"Jamin is going to get a little more opportunity obviously, and we'll take a look at our other linebackers. But [LB] Khaleke Hudson should get more of an opportunity as well to add on and play some. [LB] David Mayo may get some more opportunities as well. We'll see how we figure those things out as we progress into this week and get a chance to sit down and talk about those as far as the staff is concerned

Taylor Heinicke on if he is learning new things after every NFL start:
"Yeah. I think every player at every position, no matter how long you've played, there's always stuff to improve on. One of the things that I look back at the game on and kind of want to improve on is taking unnecessary hits. There was that one where I was kind of rolling out right. There was no one open and I took a half yard sack and got hit by a linebacker and that's just an unnecessary hit. Just throw the ball away, play the next play. So again, just little things like that, just keep learning and trying to get better every day."

Ron Rivera on development of LB Khaleke Hudson:
"Going through training camp, I thought Khaleke had a good one, I really did. I thought he played well in the pre-season and it's just a matter of getting an opportunity and this will be an opportunity to see exactly where he is. I think he's a guy that plays fast and physical, has good quickness, has played pretty much what we consider the Sam position; A guy that will walk out into space every now and then coming out of college. So I think this might be something that might be up his alley."

On Saints Head Coach Sean Payton:  
"Well, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and what he's accomplished and the things that he does year in and year out. He's always been up near the top in terms of his team, in terms of wins and losses as well as when you look at what they've done in rankings. He's a very innovative guy. He knows how to attack people. You have to be ready to counter when he does stuff. He's really good at that in terms of game planning and preparation."

Scott Turner on Ricky Seals-Jones expectations:
"So we signed him, he was on the street and brought him in as a free agent and he just kind of started making some plays where you start noticing him and he truly worked his way into the role that he was in. We didn't sign him thinking, hey, this is a big free agent signing. He's going to be back up tight end and I don't think anyone looked at it that way. But he worked his way into that spot. We got into opportunities, and I've said this before about other guys, you do a nice job of the opportunity you have. The goal is more opportunities and that's what happened with Ricky. And now he's got a really big opportunity coming up Sunday."

Jack Del Rio on S Kam Curl:
"He's doing a great job. He drew coverage on number eight last week who was their gifted player out of Florida and did a nice job with that. We love where Kam is. He's a really good football player doing a great job for us."

*Taylor Heinicke on how he balances not taking unnecessary hits with also taking advantage of getting yards with his legs: *"Yeah, it's a very thin line there. There's a couple of times on third down where I'm scrambling and I'm trying to get the first down. But, with that new rule change when you dive head first they kinda stop it where you dive from. So, you want to get the first down, but at the same time, you don't want to take that hit and maybe be knocked out for weeks. It's a very thin line there, but again, at the same time, the best ability is availability. If it's fourth-and-one, we have a lot of confidence in converting that, so I'll just leave it at that."

Ron Rivera on Bates and Reyes' progress:
"Well, we'll have to see how he works this week. We really do. I think John just continue to keep learning and growing. One of the things that you're always reluctant to do is put young guys in right away, especially at a time at a position where you really only use one tight end at a time. Some opportunities may be created and we've gotta be ready to take advantage."

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