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Scott Turner | 'There's a lot of different things we we'll be able to do' with Jahan Dotson

Washington Commanders offensive coordinator Scott Turner addressed the media following Wednesday's OTA. Here's a look at what he had to say during his press conference.

On QB Carson Wentz:

"There's a lot of different things that he's capable of doing, obviously a very skilled player. You see him out at practice. He's a big physical guy. He can really push the ball down the field. Our group of receivers does a great job of running, getting open and he's finding him. Just being able to work with him day to day and you're kind of learning the things he's capable of. There's not a lot that he's not."

On being more of a vertical offense this season:

"Yeah. You always want to try to do whatever you can to create explosive plays. That's a big part of scoring points. It's hard to consistently drive the field against teams. So, when you can get big chunks, that helps you score points consistently. That's always going to be something that we strive to do."

On TE Antonio Gandy-Golden moving to tight end:

"Yeah, I think as he just got older and then he's been really doing a great job working out in the off season, he came back and he was over 230 pounds. We looked at kind of the rest of our roster and felt like we were short at tight end. We had a lot of guys at receiver and we felt like he had his frame. He had some room to even gain a little bit more weight and he's a really strong guy. It just seemed like something fit and he's really taken to it and done a nice job so far."

The Washington Commanders wrapped up Week 2 of Phase 3 on Thursday. Check out the top shots from practice. (Emilee Fails/Washington Commanders)

On TE Cole Turner:

"He's done great. He's a rookie so we got some mental issues and there's always gonna be some sort of a learning curve. So far, he's playing fast, using his size and showing his size and his ability to go catch the ball."

On how to build on Wentz from last season:

"I think the last season in Philadelphia, there was a lot, I mean, they played, you know, with a lot of different offensive linemen, a lot of different wide receivers and he was really trying to keep it together. It just didn't, you know, the season didn't go well for them as a team or him personally. And then I think last year, he bounced back and really, really had a good year and really played really well in stretches of last of last season. I think that's more of what to expect from him. And then, like you said, build off that and just recognize the things that he does well and try to continue to do those."

On WR Jahan Dotson:

"He's done a nice job. He came in, it looks like it's not too big for him. He's playing fast. He's consistently getting separation, he's catching the ball. He doesn't say a lot. He just kind of comes out here and works, which is good, you know? I think the guys, the guys like him, Carson, I know quarterbacks like throwing the ball to him. So just continue to have him work and get better. And there's a lot of different things we we'll be able to do with him."

On WR Curtis Samuel in the backfield:

"Yeah. I mean, Curtis can play everywhere. We did some of that last year in the limited time that he was on the field. I'm just happy for Curtis that he's healthy. He's back to his normal self, running around. Curtis is one of the smartest players I've been around. So he's got no real limitations as far as the different things you can do with him. I know he's excited to be out here and I'm excited to, to see him out here."

On RB Brian Robinson Jr., the running back room and how it looks to shake out:

"Yeah, I mean, you know, right now he's coming in as a rookie and he's trying to prove himself. Antonio [Gibson] has done a really nice job in his career. He is going into his third year, obviously ran for 1,000 yards last year. I think Brian's gonna be a guy that can be a real physical runner and can spell Antonio times. And then there'll be times that we're gonna play to the hot hand. And also like Antonio has got a unique skill set and he's kind of been playing as the feature back because he's kind of been our guy. And now, when you add some more backs to the rotation, it frees him up to maybe do some different things as well. So far Brian's done a nice job, but again, you're talking about rookies coming in and you look year to year, how many rookie contributors does each team have? We just wanted to get better. And every position we felt like we've done that. These guys are gonna compete and kind of see how it shakes out."

On how the wide receiver room is without Terry McLaurin right now:

"I think all those guys have really stepped up. I mean, talking about guys like Dyami [Brown], you know, Cam Sims had a good couple days this week. He was gone last week. He had a baby girl. Dyami, talked about Jahan already, you know, Curtis, some of the guys like Dax Milne. Guys have moved around, maybe played some different spots or gotten some more snaps, you know, with the top group that they wouldn't normally get. Guys are playing fast and doing good things."

On the offensive line, Trai Turner and Andrew Norwell:

"Yeah. So I know, I know Trai very well. I was never with Andrew in Carolina, but some of our coaches obviously were. I know a lot about 'em we missed each other there, but those guys are both physical guys, highly accountable, leadership type players. They know what to expect from [OL Coach John] Matsko. All our guys do, they've been here, with 'em for a couple years now. But they're both top level, former All-Pro guards, so anytime you can add guys like that to your team, you want to do that."

On QB Sam Howell:

"It's hard to say that now, you know, six practices or five practices in. Sam is learning, He's done a great job of just the playbook retention. I mean, he came from a system where everything was no huddle at the line signaling. He's done a nice job getting in and outta the huddle, knowing what to do and obviously has a very good arm. We didn't think we were gonna be able to get him where we did. We're happy that we did. It's too early to answer that question directly, but I am excited with what he's shown so far and we'll see as this process continues."

On not having WR Terry McLaurin and TE Logan Thomas practicing:

"It's a situation we're in, we got a lot of guys that are out here getting a lot of good work in, um, you know. Logan's rehabbing and he's ahead of schedule or I don't know if he is or not mean, he seems like he is. But you know, we're working with the guys that we got. I mean, there's some teams that aren't even getting the work that we have now. So, we're just happy to have the guys available. We have obviously great attendance numbers and guys are competing and working hard."

On the ability to stretch the field with QB Carson Wentz:

"I think it all plays in together. You want to be as versatile and be able to in as many ways as possible because now they got more to worry about, you know? So, I think they will have a direct correlation with each other. I think we did a nice job last year of running the football. I think we can get a lot better at that. And I think [RB] Antonio [Gibson]'s going to continue to improve. Adding [RB] Brian [Robinson], obviously [RB] J.D. [McKissic], [RB Jaret Patterson], those guys they're going to continue to improve and get better. But yeah, the threats in the passing game, being able to open it up a little bit, that definitely helps everything."

On what TE Cole Turner can add to the offense:

"Yeah, so when your guys like that, that are big and good catch radius, they're easy for quarterbacks to throw too, you know? So, he's shown that and again like I said, it's been five practices and we've had some workouts before that. And like I said, he's a rookie, so you know, those guys got to work, and the learning curve is fast. I mean its big going from college to pro, but so far, he's playing fast, he's going up and catching the ball and those guys, like I said, you can throw it where they can get it and o one else can and that definitely helps the quarterback."

On T Sam Cosmi:

"Sam's doing a great job, man continues to work. He's doing great."

On past offensive coordinators wanting QB Carson Wentz to check down more at this stage of his career:

"I just want him to be himself and then just understand the game and understand situations, you know, and there's a time and place to go for it. And there's a time and place where, you know, Hey, it's not there, you know, and I try to press on him all the time. Like I can call another shot, you know? So, um, and this isn't something with Carson. This is something with any quarterback, you know, we can always get to another play again. If it's not there, you don't see it, you know, get the ball out your hand to one of the play makers and they're going to go get yards for you and we'll keep going. I think that's the balance that, that any good quarterback always goes with, because these guys are competitors, you know, and they think, man, I can make this throw or, you know, I can find a way to make this play and like whether you can or not, that really isn't important. You know what I mean? It's just about making the right decision over and over again and not putting us in a tough situation."

On WR Terry McLaurin's absence affecting WR Jahan Dotson's workload:

"Nah he's kind of learning everything. He's a really smart guy that really doesn't affect those two things don't really affect each other. You see us play. I mean, it's not like we only have one receiver on the field at all times. You know what I mean? So we get some other guys that are filling those spots. But no, Jahan's a guy you can move around. He's versatile and he's shown that, you know, ever since the moment he got here."

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