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Top 10 Quotes: The Bengal Are Coming To FedExField

Chase Young and Washington's defensive line prepares to run a play against the New England Patriots. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)
Chase Young and Washington's defensive line prepares to run a play against the New England Patriots. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

The Washington Football Team is hosting the Cincinnati Bengals at FedExField. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from the week of preparation, as compiled by, presented by GEICO.

Jamin Davis on how long he lets past film linger in his head:

"You can't really dwell on it. You get the corrections the next day and just from that point on, you just got to go and jump into who you got next. There's no reason to sit around and just watch what you did last week or the week before that or whatever. You just go onto the next one. And it's a copycat league. So basically you can just pick up little things that you got from the first game and just take it with you as a season progresses."

Ron Rivera on how Ryan Fitzpatrick has progressed with the concepts:

"I think it's, first of all, there's a lot of things that go into it. Part of it is, you know, what is the personnel grouping? What is the formation and then what plays come out of that formation? That's probably the biggest thing in terms of getting used to it. You know, he may feel that, 'I've never ran that play out of that formation, or that personnel grouping.' And I think that's part of it too. Understanding how those things fit. Then again some of it is the concepts that against particular coverages, some people have a philosophy that they get a certain coverage they're going to run certain combination routes. That could be also part of the difference."

Ryan Fitzpatrick on how much he wants to play in the next preseason games:

"I always liked playing a little bit in the preseason. I don't need to go out there and play the whole game, but it's nice to put the uniform on, to go through the warm up and to get a couple of series where you can communicate, come off the sideline, look at the pictures. The communication with [OC] Scott [Turner], the communication with coaches and that kind of stuff. Even talking to guys on the sideline. It's nice when I'm in a setting now where I haven't done it with those guys before, just to get a couple practice runs in."

Ron Rivera on Dax Milne:

"He has progressed very well. He really has. You see his natural route running ability showing on certain situations, circumstances. The thing is he caught a lot of balls in college, so he came here prepared. He's taken coaching very well. You see him coming out of his own element and starting to create who he is, his own persona. I think he's ahead of where you would think a lot of young guys would be at this time. I'm real pleased of what he's showing us."

Terry McLaurin on Chase Young handling fame:

"Well, I think he keeps the main thing, the main thing. I think he does a good job of realizing that nothing, all the extracurricular doesn't happen if he's not handling his business on the football field and he's been like that since college. So, he just has a really mature and professional like approach to the game and he likes to have fun doing it. I think he's charismatic and a lot of people would take into that. And then when you're a leader and the way you play on the football field then more things like that are going to continue to happen for him."

Tress Way on practicing and using new punts:

"I've been working on a couple of things. I've kind of established myself as a directional punter and so guys tend to guess where I'm going and try and favor one side or the other. Deshazor [Everett], and Jeremy Reeves, and I we've been playing with like these late calls of changing it last minute on returners and trying to get Dax [Milne] and [WR DeAndre Carter] and some of these guys back here returning and trying to get them guessing. It's worked on my own teammate, so we might have to bust a couple out in the season. I kind of acquainted it to [Professional Golfer] Tiger [Woods] stinger. It's just a low liner trying to just steal 50 or 60 yards and just really tick the other team off, especially the other special teams coaches. That'll piss them right off."

Jamin Davis on what it is like to be in the Madden video game:

"It's pretty crazy to see myself on there. That was always a lifelong dream of mine. But my main focus right now is just the season preparing for this game coming up and the rest of the games coming up and like looking into that is not really my main focus right now. But it always is pretty cool to see yourself on a video game."

Ron Rivera on Cole Holcomb:

"A much more consistent play out of him. He most certainly has limited his mistakes. You see him have a better feel for run fits. He's really kind of taken his game and really has raised it. And that's one of the really nice things to see, especially with a guy with his abilities and his talent. He's got a terrific skillset."

The Washington Football Team continues Week 4 of training camp. (Photos by Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

Ryan Fitzpatrick on chemistry with Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas:

"Yeah, I mean, a lot of it is the work that we've put in on the practice field. A lot of it is it's nice when you get into these games and you see the carry over. We hit those on air and then we hit them versus the defense in these competitive periods. And then all of a sudden you're going against somebody else and the same good things are happening. So that carry over is nice, but that's part of it's due to experience from them and for me. A lot of it is due to the work we put out here. Those were probably the two best throws that highlight the fact that we're feeling a little bit more comfortable on offense with each other."

Terry McLaurin on the first team offense in the first preseason game:

"I think we moved the ball really well. We have a lot of new faces. So, to get out there and move the ball like we did, obviously we want to finish with scoring points and more so than that, just touchdowns. But for our first outing, I think we did a pretty good job moving the ball and executing the way we expect it to go in."

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